Incorporating Technology in Your Office Space

Through the years, technology has been improving by the second to ensure that we live our lives easier and more convenient. Its no secret that businesses are highly dependent on technology to keep the processes more organized and to lessen the time needed in finishing tasks. As technology continues to evolve, dont you think your office space should to?

Technology has created a new evolution in office design. It has shaped various progressions affecting where, how, when and what work is to be done. In todays demanding industry, more and more employers are recruiting, investing and retaining a productive workforce. Providing a pleasant and practical office space is one way to reach that goal. In order to provide only the best for your best asset, here are 3 ways to make their lives easier at work. Continue Reading…

Posted on - March 15, 2017

The Future of Modern Office Design

Workspaces used to be full of cubicles with narrow spaces in between. It was complex, promotes individualism, and resembles a bit like a labyrinth. With little to no natural lighting, employees used to work in a bustling environment that they will eventually get used to.

Through the years, the concept of modern office design has changed drastically. Its no longer the time for independent tasks as exciting innovations are just ahead of us. The past used to one-sidedly favor maintaining key point indicators and results. While at present, companies believe the road to productivity and efficiency is through creating a healthy and comfortable environment for its workers. Considering the fast-paced trends on interiors, what does the future hold for office designs? Continue Reading…

Posted on - March 8, 2017

The role of texture in office interior design

Office interior design has often talked about the importance of color and space but rarely brings the significance of texture to the conversation. In reality, though often neglected or disregarded, texture plays a vital role in making interior design work for a particular space whether in the office or at home.

To give you an idea, here are a few reasons you should start considering texture as part of your interior and effective office design planning: Continue Reading…

Posted on - March 1, 2017

Designing Inspiring Collaborative Spaces

Good design is impressive if all it takes is one look to realize its purpose or message. This isn’t just true for branding or web design but for office interior design as well. In fact, modern office design is easily distinguishable from that of the more traditional approach. For instance, today, if you look at the room of a company’s creative team, you’ll instantly see how it differs from that of the technical team.

In this article, we are going to talk about designing the office for a specific purpose- collaboration. Continue Reading…

Posted on - February 22, 2017

Controlling distractions in an open office

Modern office design has provided the corporate world what we now call an open plan. Open plan or open office is an interior design floor plan that doesn’t make use of the usual enclosed room or spaces like cubicles. This kind of office design has been taking the world by storm since numerous studies have shown that it’s good for office collaboration and productivity. However, a problem presents itself when too much noise becomes a distraction and starts to negatively affect your team’s work Continue Reading…

Posted on - February 15, 2017

Things your people hate about the office design

Ending the year with a lot of gains while keeping loyal workers, it is with great pleasure for you to grab more opportunities as the new year starts. While its working out great for you, your staff might have been suffering all this time. Its common etiquette for employees not to complain about minute things like office design and office space. They think of it as something shallow and would rather work in silent. Here are four things your people are not telling you about the office design they despise. Continue Reading…

Posted on - February 9, 2017

Active office design: The future of workspace interiors

The daily grind in the office is enough to take the energy out of anyone; this is the reason more and more companies are taking the initiative to incorporate health and wellness in the office design. Now, it’s not just about aesthetically-pleasing interiors but also about designing the office with your employees in mind. This is where the concept of Active Office Design was born. Continue Reading…

Posted on - February 2, 2017

How to make your office space bigger

Small spaces can give a cozy and comforting effect but more often than not, it just leaves your employees suffocated and cramped. As much as you want to provide them the comfort that they crave for, there is not much space to begin with. If you cant afford the expansion just yet, then its all about the deceiving the eyes! Try out these 5 foolproof ways into tricking your brains in having a larger office space. Continue Reading…

Posted on - January 30, 2017

Top 5 cubicle-friendly office plants

Working in an environment where tables and chairs scream bustling work can be a bit suffocating. Adding a touch of green to your work spaces shows indicative signs of wellness benefits, from augmenting liveliness to cleansing the air. But bringing in plant varieties can be challenging as most would need sunlight and fresh air, not to mention maintaining their wacky watering schedules. Avoid the early demise of office plants by checking out this guided list of air-cleaning, mood-boosting varieties that are almost impossible to die. Continue Reading…

Posted on - January 22, 2017

4 know-hows in increasing office productivity

Creating a productive atmosphere can be both arduous and frustrating since it involves tedious work and detailed planning. Office furniture plays a vital role in controlling the whole office environment where employees devote 9 hours a day of their lives. That is why most, if not all, office spaces are bidding goodbyes to their old furniture to produce an inspiring but stylish space to boost office productivity, as well as potential. Here are some ways to enhance productivity in your workplace. Continue Reading…

Posted on - January 20, 2017