Relaxing colors on your office design to destress your team

Does your team look dull and unmotivated? Have you been thinking of changing your office design but dont know where to start? If youve answered yes for both questions, then maybe you should look more into the long espoused psychological effects of the color spectrum. In fact, being greeted by various colors can affect your employees performance more than you think it would. With that in mind, listed below are calming colors you should consider changing your walls or even, office theme into.

1. Blues and Greens

Colors commonly found in nature have a natural calming effect to destress your working environment. Since employees work in windowless spaces, being surrounded by these colors give them a sense of comfort and tranquility as if they are outside appreciating the beauty of nature. By changing your office design with more earthy tones, your company productivity will increase and enhance performance on tasks that mostly require fresh and creative ideas. If youre under the budget in buying brand new furniture, you could use green plants and painting your walls blue to minimize on your spending.

2. Red

In a series of experiments, Red has been found to provoke cautious, avoidant mode of motivation which is beneficial for tasks that require attention to detail. Sparkling your office space with bits of red can also create an energetic environment as the color can raise your heart rate. Do note to use the color red sparingly when painting accent walls as it can also evoke stress and aggression. Instead, design your office with red accessories that would increase your productivity and motivation and at the same time, dodging a stressful environment.

3. Yellow

Natural lighting has always proved to be encouraging and prolific but for a measly price. Remodeling your office interior just to have huge windows by your employees room can be timely and costly. Solve this dilemma by integrating your office space with anything yellow or bright accents. Psychologically the color raises self-esteem because its often associated with happiness. Painting your entrance walls or designing your lobby with shades of yellow can start your employees day happy and driven while welcoming your potential clients with warmth and joy.

4. Pastel colors

If youre running out of small office designs to decorate your space, consider pastel colors such as peach or lilac to brighten up your workspace. Like blues and greens, softer hues can relieve the spiraling anxiety and create a more peaceful approach to your business. Pastel colors encourage inner peace so try to embellish any pastel colored accessory near your employees tables to induce relaxation and comfort.
Accentuate your office design with these foolproof colors to provide your assets the least possible stressful working environment. Take note in creating too much color contrast between your furniture as it can cause eyestrain for you and your employees. If youre still having trouble with looking for the best pair of colors to put together, message us and well show you our most effective office designs that your office space could use.