4 signs your office needs new furniture

Everyday office life, especially if you are a head, can absorb you completely so much so that you fail to notice little but important details in the workplace. Take for instance, that broken back rest of one of your employee’s office chairs or maybe that mountain-like pile of paperwork on your secretary’s desk. You may not see it but there are clear-cut signs and if you take a step back and assess, you will see that maybe, it’s time to finally do something about your office furniture.
Now, we’re not saying you need to just go ahead and spend valuable company budget on new office furniture. We pride ourselves in being resourceful so we suggest you be one, too! But whether or not you’re going to a furniture store looking for new and used office furniture, here are some signs to help you decide if it really is time to change key furniture pieces at the workplace:

Productivity is low.

You probably thought the first sign is going to be something physical about the furniture, right? But you see, the level of comfort of your employees significantly affects their performance at work. A comfortable office chair with ample padding could do wonders in their productivity, believe us. We suggest you set up a meeting with your team and ask them for suggestions on how best to improve the workspace for better productivity.

Most office furniture look old.

If your office desks and chairs are starting to look old and dingy, it’s definitely time to either buy new ones or refurbish old ones. This is especially true if you are the kind of company that welcomes clients in the office every now and then. Making a good impression is not just about how you and your employees present yourself but also how your office space looks and represents your brand.

Your furniture says nothing about your brand.

Speaking of brand- these days, more and more offices, event industry giants like Google and Facebook, are starting to incorporate branding into their office furniture. Now, more than ever, office furniture is not just a mere piece in the office designed for one purpose because today, it can speak volumes about your brand. Look around your office- if you don’t see your brand in your furniture, then your clients and employees won’t see it as well.

Storage space is running out.

When we say office furniture, we’re not just talking about office chairs and desks. If your employees are starting to look like mere backgrounds with piles of paperwork on their desk blocking their view, it’s time to start investing in storage space. Try hitting two birds with one stone by opting for office desks with built-in storage provisions.
If all of these signs are evident inside your office, then yes, you should start on a new office space planning strategy that involves more of your employees. Remember, office furniture is vital to their comfort and productivity at work.
Don’t have a clue? Give us a call and we’ll help you pick out some new pieces!