5 questions to ask when buying brand new office furniture

Purchasing new pieces of office furniture might seem easy but for someone with a discerning eye, it’s a task that requires a lot of thought. If you’re one of the people who take brand new office furniture-buying seriously, you probably go through a lot of trouble to research and canvass before actually pushing through with the purchase. To help you out, we’ve prepared for you a list of questions you should ask yourself first before going to an office furniture store and loosening the strings of the company purse:

1. What should I do with the old office furniture?

Buying new office furniture doesn’t necessary mean throwing out the old one. Of course, your next course of action depends entirely on how “old” is “old”. If the issues you have with your existing furniture can still be fixed, you can always have us repair and refurbish it to make it look as good as new. But if it’s beyond repair, it’s best to research the most eco-friendly way to dispose it.

2. For what part of the office is the brand new office furniture for?

We’re not just talking about the obvious “Do I need a desk or chair?” kind of a question but more of “What and for whom is the desk or chair for?” Choosing the right furniture is not just about price and aesthetics, but also about its purpose. For what kind of of work would this furniture be supporting? For instance, if the person who is going to use the new office desk is someone who works with a lot of paperwork, why not go for a piece with built-in drawers? Or if it’s for a designer, how about opting for a modular standing desk?

3. What color or kind of material should I pick?

Color depends entirely on either your company branding or the palette you have going on inside the office. Make sure to have photos of your office interiors on your phone so you can easily check if a piece of furniture you’re eyeing would fit the scene in a visually-appealing way. In terms of material, comfort is always key. For example, if you’re about to purchase an office chair, make sure to check if the material used is breathable against the skin and if its arm rest, back, and height is customizable to the user’s preference.

4. Will my chosen office furniture supplier provide me the assistance I need?

The only reason you go through a lot of trouble researching before purchasing office furniture is because you want to make sure you trust the right supplier. So before you actually cash out for a new office furniture, don’t forget to ask about warranty, delivery, installation, and post-sales support; after all, you don’t want a supplier who’s just after a quick sale but someone who can help you every step of the way.
About to replace your old office furniture? Give us a call because you can choose from our great inventory and need not be worried because we promise to assist you on your every need!