5 D.I.Y. Office Organization Hacks to Try

An office desk full of clutter can clutter your mind as well. Yes, you may not have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the office furniture but you still have the liberty to make the most out of it.
Let’s say, for example, your office desk. You’re probably thinking that you don’t really have enough space to accommodate everything you want to place on your office desk. Necessary items like your office laptop, a few folders and papers here and there, as well as office supplies such as pens, scissors, and staples, have to have their own rightful place on your desk but what about other creative items like a desk plant, small mirror, or pictures of things and people that inspire you?
Well, now is the time to stop worrying about your desk real estate. Here are some simple, DIY tips you can try to de-clutter your office desk:

1. Stack on mason jars.

Get your glue gun and stack together 3-5 mason jars on their sides. Use these to store items like your pencils, colored pens, paper clips, pins, etc.

2. Organize cords with binder clips.

Keep your cords organized and tangle-free by clipping binder clips on the side of your office desk and pulling it through the metal part.

3. Go for clip on organizers.

There are clip on organizers you can attach to the sides of your desk to serve as extra space. Use it to store items such as pens, your phone, wallet, or even a small desk plant.

4. Create a mood board.

Whether it’s on your wall or free-standing, creative a mood board can splash a bit of color and personality to your desk and is a great way to boost creativity and inspiration.

5. Turn Pinterest into reality.

If you don’t have a cork board, you can still have a mood board using old clipboards. Clip photos and quotes that inspire you and hang a series of clipboards on the wall next to your desk.

If you need more advice on creative and effective office space planning to help boost overall employee productivity in the office, our team of experts here at SOI would be happy to help!