5 Tips to Successful Used Office Furniture Shopping

Buying used office furniture is a much more delicate task than choosing to go for new ones. There’s a lot to consider, of course, seeing that you are about to invest in something that has been used before. We understand though, since shopping for office furniture can burn quite a massive hole in the company’s pocket, more and more businesses are starting to see the advantages of buying used ones. So to help guide you in this adventure, we are sharing with you five important tips to make your used office furniture shopping a success.

1. Personally check the item.

Yes, the advent of technology may have given us the power to browse for items online but no one can really validate the furniture’s quality without actually seeing it. Make sure to talk to the contact person and set a personal meeting so you could see the item yourself. Remember, this is second hand so you have to check if it was taken care of by the previous owner before you go closing the deal online.

2. Research and up your pricing knowledge.

The obvious advantage of purchasing new office furniture is the fact that, more often than not, prices are the same even coming from different furniture stores. But with used office furniture, prices can go from very low to a bit higher (still less expensive than going for new ones). This is where research comes in handy. Whether it’s going online or talking to friends who’ve done it before, knowing the normal price ranges will give you the right idea on how much you should be willing to shell out when buying used furniture. It will also save you from getting ripped off.

3. List down the necessary measurements.

In effective office space planning, it is important that you know just how to maximize the work space. In this light, you should always, always, have a list of all the needed measurements when you’re buying used furniture. This will help you in visualizing how the furniture would sit in on the specific area you’re planning to put it. So when shopping, never not have a measuring tape; you can even keep a picture of the office space as a visual guide.

4. Think of any upcycling costs.

Some used office furniture may need a bit of restoration or refurbishing so make sure you’re only buying items that require a minimal of these. If you don’t do some forward-thinking, you might end up buying a used office furniture and realizing everything you spent on making it look good and usable almost feels like you bought a new one.

5. Finally, check the quality.

Whether it’s bad odors or irreparable wears and tears, you should always check if the used office furniture you’re eyeing is up to the quality you have in mind. Don’t forget, you’re going to put this in the office and the office space says a lot about a brand so be careful of anything that may suggest to a guest or client that your company is cheap.

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