The Challenge

Upgrade the Lorber, Greenfield & Polito Work Environment to Match Their Corporate Image

Lorber, Greenfield & Polito, LLC is a top civil litigation defense firm with offices in San Francisco, Poway, Tempe, AZ, and Albuquerque, NM. Their work environment had not kept up with their company growth and success. Solution was called upon to:

  • Create a new and more productive work environment that would be very visible to the clients and office staff.
  • Look at all workstation and office furniture suppliers for the best solution.
  • Scrap previous architectural designs that had fallen short and build from the ground up.

The Solution

Utilize Solutions’ Design team and Showroom to create a custom workspace.

Solutions were implemented that solidify Solution as one of the leading office furniture services companies in the industry.

  • Architectural and CAD drawings were redone by Solutions’ in-house Design team to overcome 4″ creep not taken into account by previous companies.
  • Our Solution Showroom afforded the customer an opportunity to see, touch, and feel different supplier lines.
  • Solution on-hand panel inventory allowed Solution to custom produce panels where needed to best optimize space requirements.