Active office design: The future of workspace interiors

The daily grind in the office is enough to take the energy out of anyone; this is the reason more and more companies are taking the initiative to incorporate health and wellness in the office design. Now, it’s not just about aesthetically-pleasing interiors but also about designing the office with your employees in mind. This is where the concept of Active Office Design was born.
Active Office Design, according to USA Today, is “the architectural principle of creating spaces that encourage healthy lifestyles.” The idea is to design the office in such a way that it encourages employees to move. With obesity continuing to be a threat to the health of both both adults and children, Active Design is one step towards better lifestyle. But how do you design an active office?

1. Encourage the use of stairs.

More often than not, stairwells are designed into the office as a way out just in case of emergencies. This is why stairs are commonly hidden behind fire exits. To encourage your employees to use them, expose it by using it to connect various parts of the office. It might not seem much but Dr. Karen Lee, the director of built environment and healthy housing for New York City’s health department, said that average yearly weight gain can be prevented if an adult climbs a stairs daily for about two minutes.

2. Make them walk for it.

Effective office space planning also comes to play when it comes to designing an Active Office. To entice your employees to walk around the office, maximize the space you have. For instance, put the printer in another room or have coffee machines and water dispensers in the communal pantry to give your team a reason to get up from their desks and actually use their legs.

3. Have an outdoor space.

Having an outdoor space in the office whether through a patio, plaza, or deck entices your employees to take short breaks and walk around especially if it’s a nice day out. The natural light and fresh air that open spaces can provide encourage movement and action as well as a great break from the walls and desks of the office. Studies have also shown that incorporating greens, or a sense of outdoors in the office increases employee productivity.
The office need not be a place of where employees are glued to their desks. If you want a team that’s productive, then you should do everything you can to promote their health and well-being. If you need help designing an active office, then don’t hesitate to give our office design experts here at Solutions Office Interior a call.