What you ought to know about Activity-based workspaces

Gone are the days of cubicles and windowless interiors as open workspaces are becoming the next big thing. Because to the ever-changing technology, it allows companies to change into new interior themes which includes activity-based workspaces. Like most office trends, companies need to intricately investigate whether its beneficial or just another fad. Before adapting to this change, here are the important things you should know about activity-based workspaces.
First things first, Activity-based Workspaces is a concept theme wherein the workplace supports work activities optimally, rather than creating boundaries to do their own tasks by themselves with their standard cubicles and uniform spaces between them. In other words, Activity-based Workplaces or ABW nurtures different office environments where employees can be less suffocated and move freely. But how does Activity-based workspaces work exactly?
Imaging having different tasks for the day. One involves thinking on your feet, another needs consultation with your colleagues while the last task requires you and teammates to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas. Through ABWs, you would have certain rooms or spaces that would accommodate your needs depending on whether you have to do it alone or has to have some collaboration with your other co-employees.
Its obviously a great way to increase productivity and efficiency but is it worth all the trouble of dumping your old office furniture?
US Fund Management firm implemented ABWs back in 2012 and has since claimed that it was the best approach suited for business. The firm exclaims that ABW is a work model tailored to suit the operations of our business, integrating it with the influences of today’s technology and functional efficiencies within our physical environment. The concept of ABW is becoming increasingly popular as organization are adopting flexible workplaces and practices.
Meanwhile, nothing ever exists without cons. The only downside is that you must entirely commit yourself in throwing out old furniture and gadgets. Assigned desks would be the thing of the past in order to transition into new styles of office furniture. This would also be considered as a pro since you could take advantage of this situation in to update and keep up with the latest technology.
Activity-based workplaces are truly essential in expanding ones business into a whole new level. It is a new approach in working environments and it represents a huge change in what the businesses are used to. While it can take a bit of time for you and your employees in adjusting to this new setting, it promotes better camaraderie among your people and will eventually lead to better teamwork and results.
Still contemplating on whether to switch to activity-based workspaces? Don’t hesitate to message and well provide you more reasons on why you need to let go of your old furniture.