Benefits of Re-purposing Office Furniture

The world of business is a world of money. That’s not particularly a bad thing, it’s just how economics works. But what if we tell you that even in the corporate world, you can do your part in making the real world a better place? Don’t bother worrying about it because if you’re about to redesign or revamp the workplace to go for effective office space planning, there are some ways you can turn that into a green move.

How, you ask? Through re-purposing used office furniture. Here are some benefits of opting to go for re-purposing the old than buying the new:

1. It’s pretty simple, the longer you use your existing furniture, the lesser resources and energy the world is using to make new. That’s conversion of natural resources you made happen!
2. Besides conserving natural resources, re-purposing used office furniture can also reduce waste materials. You may not feel it but each time you reuse an old office furniture, you are conserving approximately 5-9 lbs. of new or original material.
3. New furniture seeps out what is called VOC, or Volatile Organic Compounds, which is harmful to health. The longer you keep your used furniture, the less VOCs it releases. Buying new furniture every year or two is opening your workspace up to VOCs.
See? Re-purposing used office furniture can do wonders not just for planet earth but for you and your employees’ health as well. So if you’re feeling like you want to mix up the office space, don’t just jump the gun and buy new furniture; get creative with your team and find ways to re-purpose your existing office furniture, adding more character to it, and making it your own.