Biggest home office trends this 2021

This year has been rough as we experience a worldwide pandemic. There is one trend that clearly shows this year — work-from-home. Thus, these two trends will shape the trend forecast, especially in the home office furniture industry. 

Today, we will tackle the home office trends that will likely make a mark next year. 


This furniture is a no-brainer. As a person working at home, you want the best desk that meets your needs. Yes! The desk matters because it is where you will spend your time during work hours. 

  • L-Shape desk

If you are an entrepreneur, then this type of desk is your best friend. People prefer high-end L-shape desks because they have better build, quality, sturdier, and more joyful work. Today, companies require their employees to multitask in a day. The best benefit a work-from-home worker can get from an L-shaped desk is that it provides you enough space to multitask without the need to move your office chair left and right a lot. 

  • Height-adjustable desks

Height-adjustable desks aren’t new; however, it has been increasingly popular for companies in office settings and those working at home. 

Ergonomics is a huge factor in choosing a home office furniture. So, what better way to select one than have a height-adjustable desk? Sitting can be detrimental, and standing too much is also harmful. That is why height-adjustable desks are preferable. 

Room dividers

The biggest challenge of employees working in a remote setting is separating work from their personal life. So, innovations like room dividers are worth the money and useful addition to your workspace set-up. What makes room dividers a must-have for remote workers is its ability to segregate space and prevent the feeling of working and relaxing at once.

There are a variety of options you can choose from. Experts remind us that beyond aesthetics, a room divider must make your space more functional. 


Let’s face it. We develop our obsession with plants during the quarantine. So if you think your plant obsession stops this year, then you are wrong. HGTV says that the trend of incorporating house plants to your home office will continue to grow next year. 

Indoor plants may become necessary as they can help improve your home office’s indoor air quality and influence your mood every day. So, having a green home is getting popular amongst employees working at home. 

We have a blog suggesting five cubicle-friendly office plants that would fit your home office. Click here to read more!

Sustainable furniture

Aside from plants, sustainable furniture is also a hit in the market. Just this year, there is a 430.57% rise in people searching for home furniture on the net. The next year, designers are looking to incorporate this trend into their design.

DotComBlinds’s Richard Heard states that these furniture collections will not only save the environment but also exude your home office’s timeless feel. Green for 2021! 

In closing

Solutions offer functional and sustainable furniture fit for your home office. Our experts are also here to help you create a workspace set-up that promotes wellness, comfort, and productivity. See some of our office and home office furniture here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can also contact us for more inventory and delivery options.