Choosing the right fabric for your used office furniture

In effective office space planning, furniture inside the work space needs regular maintenance. As we’ve mentioned in our blog posts before, you don’t necessarily have to change and purchase a new set every year or so because most of the time, you could do a lot with the ones you have now. Of course, besides the fact that it will the company’s finance department happy, opting to just re-purpose used office furniture can also be very helpful to the planet. Talk about great and green, right?
But if you’re the glass half-empty kind of person, you’d probably be thinking that re-purposing can lead to easier and faster wear-and-tear compared to just buying a new set of office furniture. Yes, we understand, it’s perfectly normal to have your reservations against re-purposing but you see, the trick is always about knowing the right way to go about it.
In this article, we will be giving you additional re-purposing knowledge through choosing the right fabric or upholstery for your used office furniture.
Here are some factors you should always consider when choosing the fabric for your used office furniture:

1. Location

Location as in where will this specific furniture be placed in the office? Is it near a window? Are employees allowed to have drinks and food around this furniture? Thinking about where the furniture will be place will let you know what the best kind of fabric or upholstery to use. Let’s say it’s furniture for the office pantry, it’ll be wise to stay away from cloth materials and go for easier to clean ones.

2. Use

Next thing to think about is how the furniture will be used. Pieces for the reception area won’t require you to worry too much about sturdiness since these are not as used as the office desks and chairs of your daily staff. Speaking of your full-time employees, when choosing the right upholstery or fabric for their office furniture, the first thing you should consider is comfort. Knowing how the furniture will be used will not only help you in choosing the right fabric but also assist you in how to go about the budgeting.

3. Maintenance

Of course, as mentioned in the example in the first item, you should also factor in how the furniture’s fabric will be cleaned. Choose materials that do not attract too much lint, or maybe go for those that can be easily cleaned with a wet wash cloth. After all, you don’t want to be sitting on a chair with a month-old water ring on it, right?
If you need more help in re-purposing your used office furniture, don’t shy away from giving us a call here at Solutions Office Interiors.