Choosing the Perfect Office Chair

More often than not, we take an office chair for granted because despite the fact that we use it everyday, our daily tasks take precedence in our minds.
Then one day, you learn the importance of Choosing the Perfect Office Chair the hard way because your employees start experiencing back strain, leg problems, and carpal tunnel.
You now realize your office is swarming with bad chairs. But what really makes an office chair good? This is where come in.
There are many things you should consider when choosing an office chair besides the design and color. To help you choose the office chair that will promote comfort and increase productivity, here are some ergonomic factors you should look for:

1. Lumbar Support

Choose a chair that offers good lumbar support to prevent frequent back strains which can eventually lead to sciatica. Ideally, when placed correctly, the lumbar support of a chair should have your ears, shoulders, and pelvis in perfect alignment while the lower spine is maintained through the chair’s natural inward curvature. If you’re willing to spend a little more, there are also office chairs that have adjustable lumbar support which your employees can calibrate to fit their lower backs.

2. Adjustability

Most office chairs come with height adjustment. Now, with the innovations present in the furniture industry, some chairs now have adjustable arms (both height and width), lumbar support, seat back (height and width), seat and back angle, as well as tension control. Whether the adjustments are controlled by dials or hand-held bulb pumps, you can never go wrong with office chairs that offer modifications.

3. Swivel Base

You may not notice it but the swivel feature of the common office chair is very important. Make sure the chairs you choose allow your employees to move freely because having to constantly extend your arms to reach items can result in arm fatigue.

4. Fabric

f course, we can’t finish this blog article without considering the office chair’s fabric. Keep in mind that employees basically spend eight hours a day sitting on their office chairs so choose a fabric that is breathable to keep it from feeling hot. Lastly, the cushion should have enough support so that the person who will be sitting on it would not feel the base of the chair.

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