Considering employee satisfaction in effective office space planning

In our previous blogs about effective office space planning, we often talk about the importance of designing the workplace to improve productivity. This article, however, we will discuss the role of the office environment in relation to employee satisfaction.
It’s no surprise that a significant number of studies revealed that there are more employees dissatisfied with their work than those who are satisfied. Various factors contribute to this sad reality and one of those is the office space itself.
Imagine this, an office worker spends majority of his time at work, more so than any place else. The workplace should be a haven of inspiration, encouraging an employee to do and be his best self. But if you spend day after day surrounded by blank, white walls, and the sound of an old printer in a vicious battle against paper jam, we won’t be surprised if you feel trapped in an unfortunate time loop. This is exactly the reason behind industry giants upping their game when it comes to designing an effective office space such as Google and Facebook.
The link between employee satisfaction and the workplace lies in two defining factors: comfort and play.
The comfort part is pretty obvious. Of course, how could an employee feel valued and satisfied if even the smallest thing such as the office chair provides discomfort? As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure your team is comfortable at work; that means choosing the right office furniture (like ergonomic chairs and desks) and getting an equipment that would serve as the best tool to fuel their creativity.
Speaking of creativity, considering the play factor in designing an office is also crucial to your employees’ satisfaction. The workspace doesn’t just have to be the workspace. Throw in a playroom where employees can take microbreaks to relax; you may not be aware of it but giving your people even a little space or time away from work has proven to increase productivity and creativity which in turn makes for employee satisfaction.
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