Create A Home Office That Enhances Your Productivity

Are your kids playing loudly in the living room when you are working in your bedroom? It is easy to get distracted when working at home, especially because our homes are designed to offer comfort and rest. It takes more than just logging onto your laptop to get into the work zone.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most people are expected to work from home, but their homes are not equipped to aid the process. While it is impossible to make your family members stop everything to avoid distractions, you can add a few pieces of office furniture. To help you transform your room into your temporary workplace, we have compiled a list of three things to do to create a home office that enhances your productivity.

1.) Choose the Right Location: When working from home, you need to choose a room that is a little farther from where your family sits together to talk or play. When you remove the distractions, you will be able to concentrate on your work. You can also avoid embarrassments during online meetings with your colleagues

2.) Invest in a Good Furniture: If you are working from your couch or bed with your laptop on your lap, you are more than likely going to start feeling lazy or drowsy after lunch. You will find it challenging to concentrate on the task at hand and your productivity will be lower. This can impact the pace of your work. Therefore, it’s good to invest in furniture pieces like a desk and chair. After a long day of working, you might also experience back and neck pain from staying on the couch or chair for too long.  Most companies invest in ergonomic furniture to eliminate the problem of body pain. You must also buy furniture with ergonomic features to ensure comfort while working.

  • Work Desk: Select an office desk that is made with good quality material and comes with a footrest, keyboard drawer, and opening for electrical sockets. This will ensure multifunctionality along with comfort.

The height of the table must be adjustable so that you can change it according to your requirements and do not have to bend to work. These modern desks offer more flexibility and comfort. You can also buy a sit-stand desk if you prefer to stand and work sometimes to flex your legs.

Moreover, make sure that the electrical socket is nearby your work desk so that you can easily charge your laptop or work on a personal computer.

  • Chair: Your chair must have a comfortable backrest and should support your posture so that you do not experience back pain. Chairs with adjustable height are perfect for work as they can be adjusted according to the height of the desk. If it has rollers, then you won’t have to strain to reach for your things.

3.) Lighting: You need bright lighting in the room to avoid putting a strain on your eyes. Researches have shown that if your room has access to natural light, then it will improve your work performance and health.

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