Designing the creative office for your creative team

Curved Workstation Pod in Gray

Creative teams all over the world have one thing in common, with the work they do, an inspiring and creative office is a must. If you really want to unleash the maximum artistic potential of your department of creatives, then it’s best you give them a space where they would feel their most whimsical.
Oh, but where to begin? Here are a few tips you could try to design a creative office space perfect for creatives:

1. Give them a chance to create it.

The thing about creatives is that they all have their specific and very unique tools designed to encourage inspiration. For instance, writers are more likely to want to see their favorite books on their desks or their favorite author’s quotes framed up on the wall while designers, in all probability, would decorate their desk spaces with various pictures, drawings, and mood boards of the artists that inspire them.
So before you go on deciding how to arrange their office, first let them have a say on how to go about it; you’ll be surprised to see just how creative they could get.

2. Don’t just ask, observe as well.

Asking your creative department on how they want to decorate their own office can only do so much especially if you’re trying to stay within a specific budget. So if talking to them didn’t bear much result, you could try observing them in their natural space. Watch their behaviors- it may seem a futile effort at first but by observing them, you’d find out exactly which part of the office they go to collaborate and which rooms they tend to not use.

3. Go for modular office spacing.

People that make up a creative department usually requires constant collaboration. Designers need to talk to content writers, both need to consult with art directors- there is a lot of working together in this particular team but you also could not ignore the fact that artists need their own space when doing their specific tasks . To accommodate both ends of the spectrum, go for modular office furniture which can be moved and adjusted accordingly.
Simple, right? And if you need more expert opinion on how to go around effective and creative office space planning for a creative department or any other department for that matter, feel free to contact us here at Solutions Office Interiors.