Designing an effective conference room

A significant amount of office time is spent in meetings which involve a lot of collaboration between departments. Though meetings can be held in just about any room, there are ways you can design an office conference room to encourage effective collaboration between everyone involved.
If you’re planning to redesign the conference room in the office or in the middle of building your company’s headquarters, here are some things you should consider so it could serve its purpose well:


When considering space, think about the minimum and maximum number of people involved in the usual company’s collaborative meetings. You don’t want to end up saving space but sacrificing the comfort of your staff; after all, how can employees concentrate on the topic at hand if they are feeling claustrophobic, right?


As we’ve mentioned in our previous blogs, good lighting has proven itself very helpful in encouraging employee productivity so it’s no surprise that it’s also an essential element in designing an effective conference room. If possible, allow natural lighting in the room but have artificial lights and dimmers ready as well especially for collaborations that required projectors.

Office furniture

Again, comfort is key in encouraging productivity and inspiring employees to do and be their best. Just like in all the rooms in the office, choosing the right furniture to furnish the conference room is also a big factor that contributes to the effectivity of the room. Go for conference desks that are large enough to place laptops on but not too big that meeting participants find it difficult to communicate with each other. Of course, office chairs should be comfortable so long meetings won’t literally feel like a pain the ass.

There are many more things you should really consider that could help make a conference room a great place for effective collaboration and teamwork. Connectivity, display options, and audio-visual tools are part of the normal meeting process, so if you want to know more about effective office space planning for your conference room, give us a call here at SOI.