Designing a healthier office space

Its no secret that workspaces or an office space are a huge factor on how employees act and work. Their overall productivity depends on what kind of environment surrounds them. Recent trends have shifted from having a traditional style of office design to a more open-spaced plan where collaborations among peers are highly encouraged. Employee gyms and fitness rebates have also been included in one of the benefits the employees need to take advantage in. Not to mention maintaining proper diet and offering healthy options have been prioritized in office pantries and cafeterias. While these wellness initiatives can be easily attained by large corporations, what can start-ups and small businesses do to provide a healthier office space?

Promote healthier food options

In order to encourage a healthier lifestyle and improve overall well-being, prioritize in providing a healthier food alternative to your clients and staff. You can start off by putting an end to fast foods and other junk foods that you fill your food shelf with. Most companies think they save time and money by ordering such but it is a known fact that fast foods and junk foods are detrimental to ones health. Instead, offer some brain foods such as nuts and fruits to replenish their minds without harming their well-being.

Create a Diverse Office Space

A variety of spaces call for different purposes. Some may prefer working in groups to brainstorm and gather creative ideas while some need that privacy to be able to come up with fresh, well-thought strategies. No matter what your workers preferences are, you must be able to give them a choice. For businesses with small office spaces, this might be a problem. Making mobile screens, curtains, or furniture settings available for everyone in an open-spaced dominant setting creates a better design for your small office.

Cultivate an active lifestyle

When designing an office, its important to highlight practical needs while thinking outside the box. Studies have found that people who exercise on a regular basis and spend a relative amount of time outdoors tend to work more productively and efficiently. Incorporate some gym equipment and gadgets like treadmills or bike desks that allows your staff to check on their emails and read weekly reports while shredding off those unnecessary calories. You could also inspire your workers in living a more active lifestyle by offering bike storages for those who commute via bike.

Nurture relationships at work

Company members need to feel as though they relate with the business on both cultural and social level. Creating a sense of belonging like spearheading activities or events that best represent the culture of your business can help your members feel like they have infinite potential and deep, lifelong relationships at work. Especially during chaotic situations, that special bond for your employees is irreplaceable.
Designing the healthiest working environment possible can be both arduous and time-consuming, Message us and our experts will help you find the perfect setting for your employees and will ultimately bring immediate success to your business.