Designing your startup office to boost creativity

Starting up a business can be financially-risky, that’s probably why most entrepreneurs tend to not put startup office design on top of their priority list. Now, that’s a wrong move.
Effective office design is essential to the success of any company- be it a startup or an established one. While it may be great to know that more and more businesses are starting to realize the direct impact of office design to employee productivity, there is still a significant number of startups who have yet to begin. If you’re one of those, then the new year is the best time to consider the following office design ideas so you’d soldier on 2017 with a team inspired with creativity and productivity:

1. Don’t let co-working spaces tempt you.

Yes, the idea of cutting down budget by using collaborative spaces can be tempting but if you’re really intent on harnessing the best of your employees, it’s not really the way to go. Communal workspaces can be very limiting since you won’t have the liberty of designing the office to fit the company culture and brand. Add that to the fact that confidentiality is not something you can have in confidence (since you’ll be sharing spaces with some other startup), it’s best you find and claim your own space.

2. Let your team lend a hand.

You know the best way to approach office design? Don’t do it all yourself. Giving your employees the freedom to personalize their office spaces comes with a lot of advantages- it’s budget-friendly and it provides employees a sense of home inside the workspace. Set up a meeting and lay down ground rules on what personal items they can bring to the office. Don’t worry, it’s not like this is the first time- if you do some research, you’ll see that a lot of companies are embracing the integration of personalization inside the office. Give your employees a channel to express their creativity and that creativity will continue to bounce back.

3. Base your office design on employee work patterns.

Effective office space planning is all about knowing how to optimize the workplace so it could encourage you and your people to do and be your best. Our tip? Consider the processes every department usually follows so you’ll know exactly how to place them in a way that it maximizes their potential. For instance, make sure that the departments that usually work together are in close proximity or those assigned to make calls are in a space where noise and distraction are avoided.

4. Take advantage of used office furniture.

Office design need not be expensive. Of course, as a startup, a new set of office furniture is required but who says new furniture should always be new? The great thing about innovation in the field of furniture-making is that it can make even an old office furniture look amazing. If you know how to look, you can find that there are a lot of furniture stores out there with an inventory filled with refurbished, used office furniture.
If you need any more advice on how you can have a great, budget-friendly startup office design for your startup, don’t hesitate to give us a call.