Effective Office Space Planning

Office Space Planning

There is no denying that the work environment significantly affects an employee’s disposition and productivity at work. This fact, now more than ever, is the reason companies are starting to include office space planning as part of the business operations.
Effective office space planning entails more than just picking the right office furniture. It’s knowing how to maximize the space you have so that it contributes to the overall ambience and environment of your office.
Here are some reconfigurations you can make on your office for effective space planning:

1. Get over the desk.

Sitting all day in the same position is not good for your employees’ health. For an effective office space, throw in a mix of spaces and postures that will allow them to stand and move about. You can also change the height of the furniture in your lunch room and even have bean bags or sofas for internal meetings. This way, your employees can loosen up their muscles from sitting behind their desks the whole day.

2. Incorporate branding.

Most companies tend to forget that the office is an extension of your brand. Take a long, hard look into your corporate culture, mission, and vision and try to make sure that your office space conveys that message as well. You can choose to either incorporate brand colors in your furnishings or just make sure you have important brand culture visible in the office.

3. Choose colors wisely.

Color psychology plays a crucial role in office productivity and space planning. In fact, research suggests that specific colors encourage different emotions. For instance, you can go for blue walls on your production team’s office since it promotes calmness and productivity while red walls is perfect for jobs that need accuracy and detail-orientedness such as accounting.

4. Work hard, play harder.

With the tasks we do consistently everyday, it’s no surprise that work can seem mundane. This is big companies like Google and Hubspot include recreational areas to encourage play breaks. Social spaces inspire employee bonding but also collaboration which will be of great help especially when your company requires different teams communicating with each other.

5. Give your employees workspace freedom.

So you’ve chosen the furnishings and went for space planning, now that your office is ready, you need to relinquish some control to your employees by allowing them to design their own space. Whether it’s through vision boards, desk plants, or books, this strategy gives your employees the freedom to show their creativity and personality even in the office.

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