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  • Friant Droid

    Friant Droid

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    Headrest Sold Separately.

    *Lead Times Will Vary. Please Contact SOI For More Information.*

    Droid offers customized comfort with adjustable height, knee tilt, curved arms, plush contoured fabric cushioning and optional headrest.

  • Friant Verity

    Friant Verity

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    With the Verity benching system, create defined spaces to support the various types of work interactions for a coordinated look across the office. Easily expand existing workspaces or build in privacy with elements such as fabric screens, glass, and storage. Seamlessly connect everyone at the bench with power and data running discreetly underneath the surface. Create a well-balanced open office with Verity benching

  • Freedom Headrest

    Freedom Headrest

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    Described by The New York Times as “the gold standard in office seating”, the Freedom chair redefines the concept of traditional task chairs. Designer Niels Diffrient aimed to design an office chair that automatically adapts to the user, allowing them to move freely from posture to posture. Diffrient’s unique approach removed complexities found in other chairs, such as cumbersome recline levers and back tension dials for a truly ergonomic task chair. As a result, he developed a recline mechanism that perfectly adjusts to the user, definitively reinventing modern task seating to be truly simple, functional, and beautiful.

  • Segis Storm Chair, Ivory

    Segis Storm Chair, Ivory

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  • Teknion Expansion-District Workstations

    Teknion Expansion-District Workstations

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  • Humanscale Keyboard

    Humanscale Keyboard

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  • Sofa Table in Maple

    Sofa Table in Maple

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    Gorgeous Sofa Table in a Maple Veneer. Includes Three Drawers for Additional Storage.

  • Herman Miller Ethospace Glass Office Space

    Herman Miller Ethospace Glass Office Space

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    New, Fully Remanufactured Office Space with Maple Doors. 86? High.

    Herman Miller Ethospace combines sturdy steel frame and interchangeable titles. Dozens of title options let you define how your workplace looks and performs, while steel frames provide ample capacity for power, data, hanging storage, and work surfaces. Herman Miller Ethospace gives organizations the flexibility and durability to meet the shifting demand of work.

  • SurfaceWorks Adjustable Height Solutions

    SurfaceWorks Adjustable Height Solutions

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    Freedom Benching gives you all the advantages of standard benching systems, including a small footprint, easy configurability and a collaborative environment with a unique addition of individual surface height adjustment.

    Gain the Freedom to move. Gain the  Freedom to collaborate. Gain the Freedom to thrive.

  • Friant System 2

    Friant System 2

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    System 2 is a sturdy panel system featuring full length steel and aluminum connectors, and can be installed easily. The honeycomb core construction meets or exceeds industry standard for strength and longevity. Grow your team size or restructure a department quickly and easily, with panels that reconfigure as needed.

    System 2 is an economical solution to all your office environment needs!

  • Friant Interra

    Friant Interra

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    Meet Interra, a new panel system designed for modern space planning needs and aesthetic sensibilities. Available in five tile materials – fabric, glass, metal, whiteboard and rail — Interra offers infinite design variations to meet any customization need. Power is available at both belt and baseline and its sturdy 2.5? tiles are stackable with easy assembly and reconfiguration, making it the perfect go-to systems product for today’s fast-moving work environments.

  • Friant Gitana Desk Units

    Friant Gitana Desk Units

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    With Gitana casegoods, you receive a distinctive line of price-competitive laminate furniture that lends itself to diverse office plans while still delivering the value you expect. The collection includes a complete offering of worksurface shapes, mounted storage, freestanding cabinets, and credenzas.

  • Herman Miller Ethospace Benching Stations

    Herman Miller Ethospace Benching Stations

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  • Ergoflex 2, Height Adjustable Table

    Ergoflex 2, Height Adjustable Table

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    The Ergoflex is designed to support the work you do.


    • Built in safety features including anti-collision protection with rollback feature
    • Two motor all steel heavy duty frame
    • 6 button state of the art programmable remote with digital display
    • One of the quietest motors and heaviest tables on the market today
    • Maximum stability achieved. No “knee knocking” crossbeam needed

    The Ergoflex 2 Table has a Weight Capacity of 264lbs and is MAS Certified Green.

  • Maverick, Vista Series

    Maverick, Vista Series

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    Styling that preserves and elegant presence and provides a full array of storage

    **Lead Times Will Vary. Please Contact SOI For More Information.**

  • Nexxt Stool

    Nexxt Stool

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    Versatile in nature and playful in design, Nexxt complements a wide array of work and waiting applications. Select from an assortment of chair controls, frame finishes, arm options and base finishes.

    • Armless, Adjustable T-Arm and Fixed Cantilever Arm Models
    • Metallic Silver and Texturized Satin Black Frame Finish Options
    • Swivel Mechanism
    • Fixed Back Height
    • 8” Stool Travel
    • Black Nylon and Polished Aluminum Base Options
    • 300 lb. Weight Capacity
    • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified