The Future of Modern Office Design

Workspaces used to be full of cubicles with narrow spaces in between. It was complex, promotes individualism, and resembles a bit like a labyrinth. With little to no natural lighting, employees used to work in a bustling environment that they will eventually get used to.
Through the years, the concept of modern office design has changed drastically. Its no longer the time for independent tasks as exciting innovations are just ahead of us. The past used to one-sidedly favor maintaining key point indicators and results. While at present, companies believe the road to productivity and efficiency is through creating a healthy and comfortable environment for its workers. Considering the fast-paced trends on interiors, what does the future hold for office designs?

Inspiring Communal Areas

Massive walls for brainstorming, large desks for mapping thought processes and presentation areas are only one of the few collaborative workspaces that you need to invest in. Shared amenity spaces are in high demand and its not going away any time soon. Entertainment rooms such as arcades and sound-proof music rooms recently have entered the scene of famous start-ups creating a fun atmosphere while building a sense of camaraderie. It takes interaction among peers and colleagues into a whole new level, rather than just riding the same elevator.

Health-conscious office designs

Companies are now taking an extra step further with health and wellness initiatives rather than settling with natural lighting and simple health benefits. A logistics health office has found productivity and improved health among its employees after adding a primary care clinics in their office designs. Including a fitness center in the office also promoted a more active lifestyle and less prone to illnesses. As dealing with both physical and mental well-being is now more openly accepted, focusing on health in the workplace used to be a good idea. Now, it has become more like a pre-requisite.

Emerging Technology and Design

Its both a boon and bane that technology is inundating our lives. Every process is now more convenient and less time consuming, all thanks to the ever-changing technology. While we enjoy the very essence of technology, it is also its very own weakness. Companies, and people in general, have been highly dependent on technology that techno-stress came to life. The stress of being constantly on have been predicted by the World Health Organization as one of the biggest health issues in the future. Its now the companies obligation to create an office design that would integrate technology effectively and offer opportunities for concentration. Looking for brand new furniture that would cater those as well as paying attention to acoustical sound control are recently their priority.

Open Spaces?

The past few years have seen a seismic shift as modern office designs favored open floors. Recently, a survey has concluded that almost half of employees at Savill and British Council for offices are immensely dissatisfied with noise levels and showed increasing demand for individual control for temperature and lighting. Open spaces also do not consider the issue of people having different working styles and etiquettes. It is important to find that balance between the interaction of collaborating and the privacy that everyone needs. Office designers are now in the works of generating an evolutionary design to get the best of both worlds.

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