Giving New Life to Used Office Furniture

Your employees spend about five days of their week inside the office. They probably don’t say it out of respect but it’s pretty normal if they start feeling tired of how the office looks. One brave soul might talk to you and ask if he or she can suggest ideas on how to revamp the office and add a little more fun to it.
Now before you go panicking about how this might affect the company budget, you would be glad to know that there are other ways you can add life to your office space without hurting financials.
Yup, you read it right. There’s no need to purchase new furnishings, just up-cycle your used office furniture with a few fixes and viola! You and your staff can finally feel more at home in the office.
Here are some of the used office furniture you can up-cycle to update your work space:

1. Office chairs

Whether it’s changing the color or upholstering the fabric, you don’t need a lot of expert carpentry skills to up-cycle an office chair. Believe us, just a few touch ups and you’ll realize how a simple change of your office chair’s colors can instantly freshen up the work space.

2. Filing cabinets

The dull greys of the common office filing cabinet can make employees think of that exactly: dull greys. If the management allows it, personalized your filing cabinets with colors or photos. You can also go for the classic stencil designing and play with your storage and document labels.

3. Office desk

We’re putting these on number 3 for most of the time, companies allow its employees to personalize their desks. If you’re not one of those companies, you better start being one because letting your staff add more of themselves into their personal work spaces chances are they’d feel more enthusiastic about going to work.

These are just few of the many existing and used office furniture you can upstyle with a few inexpensive touches. If you need more advice on cost-effective office space planning or want to look around at a great selection of both new and used furniture, don’t hesitate to call us at (408) 295-0101 or email us at!