Going back to work after COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken over the world and completely changed everyone’s lifestyles. People are expected to stay indoors and quarantine themselves. Schools, colleges, and workplaces have been locked down. People are now communicating, studying, and working from home.

When the pandemic is over and everyone can leave their homes to join work, everything will be much different. We will be required to take protection measures for a while before everything can get back to normal. Public gatherings will be kept to a minimum, people will be expected to take work leaves when they are even mildly sick, and social distancing will become an essential part of everyone’s lives.

Considering that they spread of any contagious virus can lead to mass destruction, companies will have to adopt new solutions to keep their employees safe.

Divide The Workspace

There are many different types of office layout options available to companies. They can seat their employees in an open space, separate cabins, cubicles, etc. Bigger companies usually adopt an open space layout as it can be used to seat a larger number of people in smaller spaces.

The employees at such companies are more at risk from contagious diseases than those that follow the traditional office layout with separate cabins. Fortunately, office furniture suppliers sell a variety of dividers that can be used to separate the employees and create distance.

These dividers can be used to separate the work desk of the employees, even when a single table is being used by them. As a bonus, some dividers even offer soundproofing features. This enables the employees to work without disturbance and distractions. Some different types of dividers are:

  1. Mobile screens are made with glass, laminate, or whiteboard panels. These dividers offer privacy and also look classy. They can be placed and removed as and when needed and are not permanently fixed.
  2. Cubicle Wall panels are heavier in size and a more permanent solution. These dividers are preferred by companies that plan to shift to a cubicle layout. Cubicle walls are covered by fabric and offer soundproofing features as well.
  3. If you want a more customized solution, then you could choose commercial partitions. The look and shape of these partitions are decided according to your office and style needs.

Post COVID-19 it has become essential to modify workspaces to protect your employees. Apart from getting dividers installed, you will also have to restrict the use of common rooms and canteen by more than a few people at a time. While you cannot restrict communication between employees, you can try to prevent bigger group gatherings.

It is crucial that businesses understand the need for sanitization and cleanliness in the workspace, to keep their employees safe. They could also start keeping a sanitizer in the company washroom or common area. Taking small measures can ensure the welfare of your employees. Human Resource is the biggest asset of a company and must be kept safe. Your employees must feel cared for to ensure their satisfaction.

You can browse our selection of dividers here or if you need something custom made for your needs, feel free to contact our team.