How to choose a height-adjustable desk that is ergonomically-friendly for you

As time goes by, more and more companies focus on improving the well-being of their employees. Ergonomics is a top consideration when choosing a desk and chairs instead of just aesthetics. It is no surprise that height-adjustable desks’ popularity is surging. 

Research shows that sitting all day for more than 30 years is an unhealthy practice. Such can cause concerns like low blood circulation and obesity. That is why standing can help improve alertness and productivity, even if just for two hours a day.

However, standing all day is just as unhealthy as sitting all day. The best action you can do is change your posture from time to time, moving from sitting to standing. 

If you are on your computer or phone at a desk all day, you are the ideal candidate for a height-adjustable desk. 

‌Benefits of a height-adjustable desk 

These desks are proven to have benefits in both your health and your workspace. Here is the list of the benefits of having a height-adjustable desk: 

  • Improves productivity;
  • Reduces risk of obesity;
  • Reduces risk of diabetes and other metabolic-related problems; and, 
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular-related diseases.

Factors you should consider when choosing a height-adjustable desk. ‌ ‌

There are many factors to consider in purchasing the right height-adjustable desk since many options stores have to offer. Here are the following criteria you should keep in mind:

Sitting and standing height range.

The suggested range is 22.6 to 48.7 inches, although this will depend on the person’s height and needs using the desk. There are adjustable desks offered in stores that feature a 20″ height range to accommodate users from 5′ to 6’7 tall. 

The University of California also advises opting for a height adjustment from 22-48 inches or greater measured from the floor to the top of the work surface. 

Tip: Make sure that the height adjustments meet your needs at work. 


A depth of 30 inches is advisable for the top surface. It works for people who may want to spread out their work. This depth will also allow safe placement of computer equipment on the desk. However, there are also other options for the shape of the work surface available. 


Remember: You don’t want your desk to be loud and disruptive. 

Consider choosing a height-adjustable desk that doesn’t make noise when you adjust the height. When these desks are noisy, nobody will utilize them for fear of disturbing colleagues. 

Tip: Opt for electric and pneumatic lifts since they are the quietest ones to use. 

Ease of movement

The market provides options on different risers used in height-adjustable desks — from hand cranks, electric and pneumatic lifts. 

The rise/lower speed will also matter for your desk. The quicker the speed, the more often people will adjust their workspace. Hence, the height adjustment of the desk should be quick and easy. 

Tip: Use electric and pneumatic lifts for efficiency and easy usage. 


Aside from aesthetics, make sure your desk impacts usability. 

For functionality, it is also best to consider with the desk you are considering is easily programmed to different settings in your workspace. It makes it super easy to set the proper ergonomics every time you need to adjust. 

It is best to balance functionality by considering the factors mentioned above,


Pricing is a must when considering the height-adjustable desk. Price can vary dramatically in different desk categories. 

‌ ‌

Closing‌ ‌

Remember these considerations when choosing your desired sit-stand desk: 

  • Sitting and standing height
  • Depth
  • Noise
  • Ease of movement 
  • Functionality
  • Budget

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