How to update existing used furniture

Office furniture can show age after a while and that is inevitable in the corporate world. You might be thinking that would be the perfect time to replace all the furniture in the office and at the same time gave the premises a fresh new look but here’s the truth- you don’t need new office furniture to make that happen.
Breathing new life to your existing, used office furniture is not only possible but it can also cut costs and help the earth a better place. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone right? In fact, choosing refurbishing can save 40% of the company budget compared to actually replacing it.
Now, if giving the office a new look is your main reason for opting to go for new office furniture, then we’re here to tell you that’s not necessary. You can just update your existing office furniture and rearrange the office setup every 2 years or so to make the workplace still feel new and exciting to see and be in for both your employees and visiting clients.

How to update existing used furniture, you ask? Here are a few simple ways:
  • Change the colors but stay true to your brand. Whether it’s the walls or the actual furniture, a new take on a specific item’s colors can instantly refresh the office.
  • Change the fabric or laminate. Torn chair cushions and desk laminates can make your office look cheap and old. Replace it as soon as possible and don’t limit yourself to just going for the original fabric or laminate’s look.
  • Change some of the lighting fixtures. We’re not just talking about the actual light bulb in here, we’re talking about the design of the fixture. Make meeting rooms feel more interesting with hanging lights or maybe just simply switch to LED. It might seem expensive but in the long run, you’ll be saving a lot more.

You see? Who says you need to shell out hundreds of dollars to rejuvenate the office? Just a few creative minds to collaborate is enough to come up not just with ways to update existing used office furniture but also to give your workplace’s current office space planning a new life. If you need more advice, feel free to contact us here at Solutions Office Interiors!