Kinds of Office Spaces

In this age, when open offices are all the rage in multi-billion companies such as Google and Facebook, more and more businesses are starting to think about effective office space planning.
But before you go reshuffling every single thing in the office, it’s best you know what your options are. To help you decide, we’ve decided to list down the three most common office spaces. Read about it and find out which one would fit best for your office:

1. The Cubicle Workstation

The cubicle workstation is a type of office consisted of partially enclosed workspaces. These are usually separated from each other by 5-6 feet tall partitions designed to lessen employee distraction by isolating them from various noises and sights that are commonly apparent in open offices.
Workspaces in cubicle offices are commonly composed of modular elements besides the partition walls, these are: pedestals and overhead bins, drawers, and other forms of shelving. Of course, these can be customizable depending on the type of work an employee does.

2. Open Office

Now, this is one kind of office space that’s taking the office space planning world by storm. It involves removing the wall partitions to offer employees the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with each other. If you search for examples of open offices, you’ll probably see that the common theme usually involves more homely, cozy, and creative furniture and interior design.
In this setup, offices make use of large, open spaces with no boundaries. This kind of office space planning is ideal for creative teams that require constant communication and collaboration.

3. Hybrid offices

Hybrid offices are combination of cubicles and open-plan workspace. This concept are best for offices with large employee count with different departmental tasks and functions. Commonly, glazed glass walls are used to allow the staff to concentrate but still offer visual contact between employees.
See? Now that you’re well-informed about your choices, you can better decide on what office concept will work best for your company. If you’re still unsure, you can always give us a call and we’d gladly provide effective office space planning consultation for you.