What you could learn from Google offices

Across the globe, Google has not only made a name for itself for technology but also for valuable and effective workspaces. The tech giant has successfully imprinted their core business values professionally and creatively into their interiors. Google offices all over the world has redesigned the future of office design as it makes sure to include recreation, innovation and unique features to reach their employees fullest potential. Google found a balance in creating a productive office design that offers both collaborative spaces and traditional office plans. Heres a thing or two on what you can learn from Googles office designs.

Choice of working environment

Open spaces have recently reached its peak and is now dropping as one of the most wanted designs for office spaces due to unwanted noise, little to no privacy and unnecessary clutters. Studies claims that it is still not recommendable to move backwards and redesign your floor plan back to traditional office spaces as it takes away the efficiency of collaborations. Thanks to Google, you just have to follow their footsteps in crafting a perfectly designed office spaces that offers both. The emerging search engine offers its employees a choice of their own a technique which is deemed to show efficiency and enhanced performance. At their New York offices, Google allotted the back of their book shelves as private reflection rooms where employees are free to work independently while most of their rooms call for collaborative work.

Work with nature

Everyone knows that being surrounded by nature inspires us to work even better. The American Society of Landscape Architects says that spending time in nature has both a long-term and a short-term mental physical health benefits while a study conducted by UCL Department of Geography claims that being outdoors can lead to various social benefits. Google has implemented their offices in a way that their staff can have be privileged of those benefits. Googles London office offers a green garden terraces complete with wi-fi access, allowing workers to have a breath of fresh air while working. It includes a picturesque view of London to inspire them too!

Multiple Snug Rooms

Googles Head office features a huge choice of snug meeting room in which they hold informal meetings, draft ideas or work alone in a quiet setting. It varies from a British pub furnished comfy room to a brightly furnished room with a expansive sofa ideal for people to produce creative juices while working in comfort. Google has also provided Energy Pods for their staff where they can take a short nap to regain an energy boost afterwards. Its an effective way to encourage your staff to take a break and rest.

A workplace that embodies your companys culture

Google is known to be youthful and creative so they incorporate it to their office designs. They have slides in Zurich and at the same time, office staff in San Bruno play mini golf to let off a little steam. Just because Google has done it perfectly, doesnt mean you have to copy it to every nook and cranny. Its important to remember that every company is unique and therefore you ought to make your office stand out using your companys culture.
Theres no doubt about it, Google has some of the most impressive offices in the world. They invest a lot of their resources for the comfort of their employees because they work efficiently and productively. You dont have to be as successful as Google to afford the best quality office interiors, message us here at SOI and well help you create the best working environment for your people.