Make Your Cubicle Your Own

If you have an office job where your main work space is a cubicle, you are probably spending a good chunk of your time there…maybe even over 40 hours a week. So if you are spending that much time somewhere, don’t you want it to be a place you enjoy?

By making your cubicle or in-office desk a place you enjoy your workweek can be a lot more productive and happy. It’s extremely easy to make your office space a place you don’t mind coming to on a Monday morning.


First things first, get organized! Each of us has a specific way we like to organize our things. So do what works best for you. Whether that is organized chaos or nothing at all in sight. Placing things out of sight, in an organized cabinet or under the desk shelf can help cause a calming effect in your workspace though.
File and desktop organizers make it easy for keeping clutter at a minimum. They also allow for quick access to things you need on the daily; pens, highlighters, post-its and this months files. Keeping these items on your desk will save you time so you won’t have to riffle through a messy drawer.
It’s also a good idea to spend a little extra cash getting organizers and desktop details you actually want to look at for 8 hours a day. The gold plated file holder from Target might be worth the extra $5 if you don’t want too look at bulky black plastic all day.

Get Cozy:

We’ve all sat at our desks for too long and just needed to kick off our dress shoes and sneak a little break in. To help avoid the mid-day slump try to make your cubicle a cozy and comfortable space.
The best was to start is to have the right chair for your body. Having the right ergonomics is a very important for your health and preventing back pain. (We do Ergonomic Evaluations). So once, you’ve found the right chair, add some other elements to your cubicle to make it that much more comfortable. A soft tempurpedic pillow for your chair can help add a little bit cushion too. Another great thing for your desk is to place a small rug under your desk will make the space more inviting too. A bit of sheepskin can be a big relief when you kick those shoes off!

Inspire & Personalize:

Really make your space your own! Bring in some framed photos to place on your desk and quirky knick-knacks to add some fun to your work area. Also keep it yours by adding pops of your favorite colors. Plants like orchids and succulents won’t take up a lot of space and will add a fresh outdoor element to your desk which will keep your inspiration flowing.
For more inspiration check the Desk Details board on our Pinterest.