Office interior design: Making your office feel like home

We are in the office five days a week; this means that in reality, we actually spend more time in our workspace than in our own home. No need to be ashamed of it- these jobs, after all, are what pay the bills. But the office can sometimes be overwhelming and eventually, even after a year or two, it could feel not just suffocating but alien as well. This is the very reason more and more companies are becoming flexible when it comes to office interior design and are starting to be more open to the concept of effective office space planning. Gone are the days of boring wall paints and decors, as well as cramped up office furniture because now, if you are lucky with the company you’re working for, you can easily customize your personal workspace to make it feel like home.
When your job allows you to design your cubicle or room to your heart’s content, then here are a few things you could do to make it feel like your second home:

1. Remove clutter.

Home is place where you feel comfortable and the first step to comfort is to declutter. Maybe the reason your workspace feels claustrophobic is because 3/4 of it is filled with things you don’t necessary find useful anymore. Removing clutter will help you see how much available space you can work with so you can start bringing a little more of home inside your office.

2. Place a plant.

A desk plant may be small but it has big potential in making your office space feel brighter and lighter; a nice contrary to the heaviness of the a day’s work grind. Not only that, but according to various studies, having a plant inside the office can boost productivity and creativity, all while helping in cleaning the air! Time to think green!

3. Bring some books.

You don’t necessarily have to read the books you bring but having a few inside your workspace can give you a sense of familiarity. Besides, in the off chance you get too bored or too busy, reading a few lines from your favorite books may help bring in fresh ideas or just the kind of inspiration you want to refresh the mind and get to work again.

4. Dare to decorate.

Whether you have a cubicle, a desk, or a room all to yourself, decorating your workspace with personal items is the best way to make your office feel like home. It might be something as big as a bean bag chair (if your company allows it) where you can sit and work to give your back a break from your desk chair or something as small as your conservative collection of action figures. Decorate your space with things that speaks of your personality.

5. Display photos.

Have a cork board or clip-grid where you can pin or place photos of your family, friends, pets, co-workers, or special someone. Seeing familiar faces that inspire you to work hard is a great way not just to make the office feel more like home but also to encourage you to rally in no matter how difficult the day gets. If they have the time for it, you could also ask them to write a few words of encouragement!
You see, you don’t have to go through expensive measures just to turn your workspace into a small home away from home. But if you don’t fancy yourself an expert in office interior design and effective office space planning, we’d be more than glad to help you out!