Modern Office Design Ideas for the Pantry

The new year is a new chance to recalibrate your office into a better version of itself. We’re not just talking about the people that makes your company but also about the space they spend of their time in- the office. But when it comes to revamping the works pace design, a lot of business owners tend to neglect one particular room- the pantry.
We understand, after all, your employees don’t spend as much time in the pantry as they do in their personal workspaces. Yes, it may seem more logical to just redesign the actual office space to improve productivity but if you’re going to revamp it, why not go all the way by including the pantry as well? Remember, this room is where your employees go not just to eat but to socialize and relax as well. And there’s no denying that micro-breaks are essential to your team’s overall mindset and well-being. So to help give you ideas on how you can redesign the office pantry, here are a few things to consider:

1. Make it a pantry/ break room.

Take a leaf from tech giants Google’s and Facebook’s pantry. The modern office are not limited by only function so pantry areas can be more than just a space for your employees to eat their lunches. Now, you can use it to encourage a more fun and active environment by adding board and table games, television and game consoles, and couches.

2.Incorporate an open balcony.

If it is allowed by your building manager (and if you have the budget for it), having an open balcony on your pantry can do wonders in giving your employees a great productive break. With more and more offices trying to incorporate a sense of outdoors in the interior office design, it’ll be a much bigger hit if you actually have doors to an alfresco scenery. If you can’t afford it, you could always go for large glass windows.

3. Change the colors.

The pantry is not called a break room for nothing. Our simple advice, if you do not have the means for a huge pantry office design overhaul, just change the wall colors. It’s common practice that the pantry walls are the same color as the walls in other parts of the office but since it’s a break room, why not take a an actual break from the usual colors and instead paint the room a different shade to give your employees a breather.
If you need more help redesigning the office pantry or getting a fresh perspective on your existing office design, give our experts here a call!