Office Design Driven by Millennials

Every generation comes with a new work style and environment. Many times, those environments are driven by choices in office design. Millennials are no different than previous generations about their unique requirements to be maximally efficient.


Millennials are a unique generation with regard to technology. They are a smart phone generation.
They know that technology is here to stay and they demand a work environment that supports all of their technology needs.
Plenty of power outlets, fast wifi, etc.. are a must.


Two thirds of millennials say that they are inspired by art and want it in the work space.
They also say that eloquent design is very important to them. Interesting, along with eye pleasing design, they also want clean, simple streamlined functionality.


Work space has moved from offices to cubicles and now onto anywhere a millennial can sit in peace with their head phones on.
They have a very small need for personal space as compared previous generations. Conversations are almost always via text, thus the need for walls limiting communication noise are very low.