Office Design for future growth

The world of business is a world of exciting uncertainty. If you’re doing it right, the probability of your company growing is a probability you should be prepared for even from the start; after all, you did not start the company thinking it would just fail in the future.
Now, in effective office space planning, we take into consideration your desire for your company’s growth in the future. We encourage designing the office in a way that operations won’t feel much of the disruption in the moment there is a need to revamp it to accommodate scalability.
Start with the words “adjustable” and “movable”. We’re not just talking about office furniture but walls and panels as well.
Inside the office, various departments require various workspace designs. Your account executives may need the partial privacy that the classic cubicles offer while creatives are more suitable for open offices which encourages collaboration. As your company grows, your teams grow as well so make sure that you are able to accommodate that without having to spend too much time, effort, and money breaking down and building up new ones.
For key office desks and chairs, opt for adjustable, ergonomic ones to allow for scalability so you won’t have to immediately jump the gun and purchase new furniture. Also, don’t forget to find pieces that are multi-purpose and space efficient so any growth in the company won’t make the work space feel crowded.
If you need help in designing a scalable office, feel free to contact our experts here at SOI. We don’t just offer quality new and used office furniture but we also provide effective office space planning services.