Office Design for the Infamous Breakroom

If there’s one room that’s mostly overlooked in office design by employers inside the office, it’s probably the breakroom. That shouldn’t be the case because this particular room is sort of a breather space that could give your employees their much-deserved micro-breaks amid the daily work grind. There’s no need for expensive upgrades just to emulate the break rooms of some of the world’s most successful companies; here are some things you could do to improve it:

1. Make it different.

Don’t make the break room look like an extension of the workspace. It’s called a break room for a reason. As much as possible try to layout the room so that it seems like a new environment- make the walls a different color, choose more comfortable, less stiff office furniture, and more open spaces. It might not seem much but change in scenery gives your people a short time for relaxation so that they can get back to their work with a refreshed and rejuvenated mindset.

2. Make the coffee free.

There’s probably no other drink in the world that fuels up an employee’s creativity and productivity than good ol’, trusty coffee. If you want to get your team constantly driven to get the work done then it’s probably a good idea to make coffee a free consumable in the breakroom. Remember, a cup of caffeine has a lot of benefits since it is known to boost productivity by increasing attention span and focus.

3. Make the chairs comfortable.

Comfortable seating is essential to keep the break room a space for relaxation. You know those stiff office chairs that you have inside the workspace, that won’t cut in the breakroom. Don’t forget that this space is not just a place for your employees to eat their lunch and snacks, it’s also a place where they can spend a few minutes to just chat or step away from the sometimes-too-overwhelming work load.

4. Make the decorations more fun.

The great thing about break rooms is that it gives you and your employees more freedom in terms of interior design. Since we suggested decorating the room in a way that it won’t look like an extension of the rest of your office, the best way to go about it is to refrain from the framed photos of the office building, not even the staple motivational posters. Why don’t you talk to your team and ask them their favorite movie, TV, or book characters? Or maybe ask your creatives to get their art materials out? Make the room like their own personal freedom board.
Now that youve read our suggestions, why dont you start getting your heads together and make the break room an actual space in the office youd want to take a break in? If you need any more help, just give us a shout out and wed be more than glad to have our office space planning experts take a shot at it.