Office Design Mistakes to Avoid for 2017

With the new year just around the corner, a lot of businesses are about to do some serious revamping of the workspace. As a company that takes pride in providing effective office space and design solutions, then we’re more encouraging you to do so. It shouldn’t be that difficult because if you browse through our blogs, you’ll see an amazing amount of articles that could guide you on your wonderful goal to transform your office into a space of greatness.
But the do’s are not the only thing you should keep in mind because the don’t are just as important. To help you out, here are 5 office design mistakes to avoid on your journey to workplace greatness:

1. Choosing aesthetics over comfort.

We understand that the office space is a reflection of your brand so as much as possible you want it to look its best. This is basically the core idea of every office design but once you favor aesthetics over the comfort, then youre headed the wrong way. You see, its okay to think about the impression youll make to potential clients and guests who will come over the office but always remember, its your people that makes the company. This is why its important for you to always think of them first; as they say, if your employees are happy, your clients will be happy.

2. Not getting your teams opinion.

Look, we get it, youre probably the head of even the CEO of the company but when you come to really think about it, inside the office, you have control over what goes into your room so we say its only fair that you also consider what your employees have to say. Each and every department in your company spends about 9 hours a day, 5 days a week inside the office so its only sensible that you consult them to know what they think is the best approach to take for office design; after all, its them who can say what factors in the office can inspire them to be more productive and inspired.

3. Taking the wrong measures.

Were not talking metaphorically here. Taking the wrong measurements can lead to various office design mishaps that could lead into a very unfortunate domino effect. The core of every successful office space planning is knowing the right measurements since accuracy can provide you more informed decisions on how you could maximize the available space in the office. After all, you dont want a giant couch taking up the entire lobby, right?

4. Forgetting about branding.

Consistency in your companys branding shouldnt just begin and end with your online and offline collaterals. Take a leaf from industry giants like Google or Facebook- always incorporate your brand in your office design. This is especially important if you are in the kind of industry that requires meetings in your vicinity. You dont have to splash the walls with logos, you could do something as small as choosing key areas or pieces of furniture and using your company colors as an accent.
We hope you learned something from our post and that you come up with a better office design for 2017! If you need anymore help with that, our office space planning experts are willing to lend a hand, just give us a call