What Makes Office Furniture Fun and Functional

Employees spend majority of their weeks tied to their office desks and chairs; and no matter how much denying we do, that could kill anybody’s creativity. This is exactly the reason more and more companies are taking a leaf from the books of Google and Facebook in terms of designing the office. Now, it’s not just about giving your people their tasks, it’s also about encouraging and inspiring them to do it with heart. Gone are the days of the boring cubicle farms, the plain white walls, and the uninviting pantry rooms; and say hello to functional and fun offices and its furniture.
But how do you start incorporating these in your office? To help you out, here are a few office furniture ideas that marry fun and functionality inside the workspace:

1. Standing desks

It may seem unusual for office workers to be standing while doing their work but according to studies, it actually poses as a healthier alternative to sitting down. Apparently, it doesn’t just lower the risk of obesity, weight gain, and blood sugar levels but standing desks could also reduce back pain while improving your employees’ overall mood and energy levels.

2. Bean bag chairs

We’re not saying you replace your dependable computer chairs with these fun chairs but you could have an internal meeting room where employees can sit on a more fun and playful type of furniture. Using bean bag chairs give off a more relaxed environment for your employees and let’s face it, when they don’t feel stressed, that’s when good ideas usually come out.

3. Board tables

Yes! Bid farewell to BORED tables and introduce board tables in the office. The concept is simple, brainstorming usually requires writing down your ideas so instead of standing whiteboards or chalkboards, why not try out a table where everyone can scribble down their contributions simultaneously?

4. Private pods

While open office plans are still the trend when it comes to interior office design as it promotes teamwork and collaboration, it’s only natural that sometimes, your employees need some time on their own to focus on a particular task or project. This is where private pods could come in handy. Assign a quiet room where unique-looking private pods are available for your employees’ use.

5. Modular desks

The best way to keep office design fun is to keep it constantly interesting. With modular office furniture, your employees can change their workspace set up every now and then. Time to get rid of those big, heavy, boring desks and instead consolidate your desk with fun storage provisions that you and your team can creatively move around.
Inspired to get a move on making your office fun and functional? Give us a call here at Solutions Office Interiors or check out our new and used office furniture inventory and you might find just what you are looking for.