Office Holiday Party Etiquette: Tips For Success

Here are a few must follow tips for the office holiday party this year, they may get you a raise!

Put In The Time:
You may want to skip the office holiday party and do just about anything elsebut this is defiantly something you shouldnt do. Attendance may not be mandatory, but its a good idea to show up and prove to your boss who is a team player and who isnt. Sure you may spend 40 hours a week with your co-workers, but part of being a team player in an office setting is getting to know your office mates and not just how they like their coffee. Showing a personal interest in the lives of your co-workers may just make you a better employee in the eyes of management. The better you understand each other as peoplethe better you can work as a team. So come early and stay late!
Bring someone:
Whether it be a significant other or just a friend, bringing someone to the office holiday shindig will show your co-workers that you care enough to share what you do with someone important to you. Just make sure they are on their best behavior as well. They are a direct refection on you.
If youre going to attend, really make an effort. You may feel silly participating in the ugly sweater contest, but again your boss will see you as someone who doesnt mind putting in a little more effort and again a team player!
Help Out:
Going the extra mile to be helpful at the office party will make you look good too.
Decorations looking grim? Take the time to help make the room look more cheerful!
Ice is running low? Volunteer to go and grab some!
Aux cord not working? Run to your car and get yours!
Bosses love nothing more than seeing you go above and beyond on the job so why would’t they love seeing that in your out of work personality? The saying Its the little things that count doesnt exist for no reason…
Doing something small can go a long way and your superiors will notice.
Thank The Host:
When you leave make sure to thank the host of the party. This is very simple, but can often be forgotten if there are a lot of goodbyes to be had. If you do one thing from this list of advice, its thank the host and thank your boss. At the end of the night they will remember a gracious thank you and a handshake. A gifted bottle of champagne cant hurt either!
All and all have asafe and happy holiday season!