Office plants to keep you productive at work

It pays to be green-minded in the office, and we don’t mean peppering your co-workers with innuendos, it’s more on breathing life to the work space with office plants.
Now, going green in the office requires a lot of careful thinking; after all, you don’t want to end up making your workspace look like the forbidden forest in Harry Potter.
No worries, we’ve taken the liberty to research on the subject to help your office go green the right way. Here are 5 best office plants to help boost productivity according to

1.Spider Plant

According to a research done by University of Hawaii at Manoa, Spider plants can reduce stress and improve indoor air quality inside the office. This plant can survive in partial light and partial shade, making it perfect for any type of office- cubicle or windowless. Spider plants can be placed in hanging baskets and shelves and are incredibly low maintenance.

2. Lemon Balm

Lemon balms are extremely fragrant plants that can live in both full light and full shade office spaces. Just like the spider plant, lemon balms can improve mood and boost wellness in the workplace. One important advice: make sure you keep this plant moist and well-watered.

3. Philodendron

Philodendrons, based on a study released by University of Technology, Sydney, are not only nearly impossible to kill but also beneficial for the health. Center for Environmental Sustainability also listed this plant as one of the most effective plant when it comes to freeing indoor VOCs and excess carbon dioxide.

4. Peace Lilies

If your office doesn’t have a lot of windows, going for Peace Lilies is the way to go since they love the shade. Researchers from various universities, colleges, and NASA themselves have said that this plant has the ability to more VOCs from the air compared to any other indoor plant.

5. Golden Pothos

This plant is the gold among the silvers and bronze when it comes to freeing indoor air from VOCs. Even plant experts from Better Homes and Gardens have said that Golden Pothos are “one of the best indoor plants for low light workspaces.”
We’re sure there’s more green you can put in the office but if you’re just starting out, we suggest going for simple desk plants. They will not only add color to your office desk but also improve overall productivity.