Your office is a reflection of your brand

The advent of social media has lead the market into hyper-visual mode as evident in the growth rate of Instagram users. This means that now more than ever, brands have to learn how to convey their message through graphics. You see, we are not just in the “Age of Internet”, we are in the age of “Age of Experience” so if you want to make a name for your business, it’s important to know in what ways you can effectively establish your brand.
Of course, the age of internet has left a lot of companies focusing on developing a great website, setting up an online community via social media, and just basically doing all it would take to build their brands online. But before you go on the digital side of things, why not take a step back and see how you can put your brand on your physical office.
Now, you might be asking, is it really important to invest in making your office more “YOU?” Our answer- YES. You may not realize it but your office is a reflection of your brand. Do you know why people are raving about the offices of Google and Facebook? Because it clearly represents their brand.
Start small. Find a way to incorporate your company colors into your office. Check out Hubspot’s office; key pieces of furniture are in orange because their logo is orange. If you want your branding to be clear the moment guests step in your office, decorate your walls with your company’s mission, vision, and corporate values. You can even go as bold as making infographics about how your service can help your market.
Think of your clients as well. Areas they are commonly allowed in should feel accommodating, not intimidating. You don’t want your brand to come off as arrogant just because you chose to go for modern, contemporary yet uncomfortable pieces. Consider durability as well- imagine yourself as client stumbling upon a desk or lounge chair that looks old and dingy; it’s only natural to associate the company’s office with the brand, so going for cheap furniture may save you a few bucks but it won’t save you from clients thinking that’s what your company stands for- cheap quality.
If you are unsure on how to go around incorporating your brand in your office, just give our experts a call here at Solutions Office Interior and we’d be happy to help!