Personalizing your office space

It’s a reality we all have to face- most of us spend five out of our seven days inside the office (we’re saying most since some of us do work from home). With that much time away from home, it’s only natural to feel homesick. Yes, your bedroom might feel cozier, or maybe the living room seems like a happy place with portraits of your family members and friends. But wait a minute, who says you can’t make your office space feel like home? C’mon, if creative corporations can make used office furniture look amazing, you can also find a way to turn your office space from feeling like a daily prison to a little piece of home away from home.

Here are some simple ways to feel more connected with your office space:

1. Make the walls worth staring at.

There is no point in denying. We’ve all had our own versions of writer’s block when we just stare at the walls hoping and praying that inspiration presents itself before the deadline does. So instead of spending countless minutes staring into white space, why not just pepper your walls with actual things that could inspire you? Add a photo of your favorite quote, or maybe a vision board, anything that could remind you that you are doing what you are doing because you love it.

2. Think green.

We’re not saying do something that could possibly win you a trip to human resources, we mean green as in think of getting a plant. A live plant has been known to improve not just an employee’s mood but the quality of air as well. Choose something that’s low maintenance, after all, you don’t want to get a plant that would just add to the stress of those items listed on your to-do list that has not been checked off yet.

3. Add more of ‘you’ on your desk.

Your office desk should not just be designated for paperwork or your computer. It’s your desk! Have fun with it! Add a framed photo, go for vinyl funko pops of your favorite superheroes, or stack your favorite books on one side. There’s no harm in also going for office supply holders that are more than just the usual tin cans.
See? In just three, very simple steps, you can personalize your work space and make it feel more like home. It’s all about creativity and finding a compromise enough to make you feel more encouraged and inspired at the office. If the management allows it, you can even bring in your own colorful office chair! Just don’t be afraid to ask and give suggestions when it comes to effective office space planning, after all, you are one of the many who will be working in that area right?