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  • Stylex, Nestle, Four Base Options

    Stylex, Nestle, Four Base Options

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    Guest chairs are now used in casual conference settings, canteens, private offices, and collaborative work areas, placing new demands on form and functional flexibility. Nestle rises to meet these demands with its harmonious ergonomic form and extensive array of base options including cantilevered sled frames, traditional sled frames, wood legs, four-blade bases with swivel returns, … Continue reading “Stylex, Nestle, Four Base Options”

  • Stylex, Yoom Lounge seating

    Stylex, Yoom Lounge seating

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    The Yoom lounge collection is defined by its soft, simple forms and unrestricted configurability. Carefully considered proportions and upholstery construction ensure that Yoom offers a highly comfortable sit. Each upholstered element can be used in multiple ways, not only encouraging customers to create their own unique vignettes, but also to rearrange the units they already … Continue reading “Stylex, Yoom Lounge seating”

  • Stylex, Yoom Soft, Lounge Seating

    Stylex, Yoom Soft, Lounge Seating

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    Designed for a more casual look compared to its sibling product, Yoom Soft has a down-feather cover encasing the upholstery foam for a softer appearance and more relaxed fit. The same options, stitch styles, and configurations available on Yoom are offered on Yoom Soft, including easy reconfigurability, the hallmark of the line. The Yoom Soft … Continue reading “Stylex, Yoom Soft, Lounge Seating”

  • Swedese Continental Sofa Yellow

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    The sofa series is characterised, by the smooth curve of the sofas back, which seamleesly combines a strong character, with a simple organic expression. With an angular front view and defining piping details, the sofa appears compact and economically with space, yet is light and spacious and offers generous seating.

  • Togo Loveseat

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    Timeless design and Classic style make this Michel Ducaroy Togo two-seat loveseat couch the perfect choice for any space. Incredible and incredibly soft Sunset Orange velvet, beautiful stitching detail and rippled button tufting give a sporty luxury design appeal.

  • Triple-Sided Lounge Chair

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    1 piece lounge chair, red and black

  • White Ottoman Lounge Chair

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    Round lounge chair,

  • Alera QUB Series

    Alera QUB Series

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    Alera® QUB Series Corner Sectional, 26 3/8 x 26 3/8 x 30 1/2, Black
    Alera® QUB Series Ottoman, 26 3/8 x 21 1/2 x 17 1/2, Black
    Alera® QUB Series Armless L Sectional, 26 3/8 x 26 3/8 x 30 1/2, Black

  • Bernhardt Lounge Chairs, Speckled Blue

    Bernhardt Lounge Chairs, Speckled Blue

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    Bernhardt Lounge Chairs with Maple Legs and Speckled Blue and Black Fabric.

  • Alera WE Series Collaboration Seating

    Alera WE Series Collaboration Seating

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    Alera® WE Series Collaboration Seating, Circle Bench, 18? dia x 18?h.
    Alera® WE Series Collaboration Seating, Arc Bench, 38 3/8 x 21 x 18.
    Alera® WE Series Collaboration Seating, Cube Bench, 18 x 18 x 18.
    Alera® WE Series Collaboration Seating, Rectangle Bench, 36 x 18 x 18.

  • Karlstad Black Sofa

    Karlstad Black Sofa

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    Black Bonded Leather Couch. Comfortable, with tufting on the seat and back.

  • Hush Lounge

    Hush Lounge

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    Diverse and purposeful in nature, Hush offers a sense of privacy in open spaces, fulfills standard lounge seating requirements, and when combined with connecting tables, becomes a modular oasis of form and function. Collection includes private (high back) and public (low back) lounge chairs, straight and quarter-round connecting tables, optional accessories as well as accompanying benches and occasional tables.

  • cloud quilt

    cloud quilt

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    The cloud quilt seating range’s tactile, pillowy surround is designed to invite and comfort without consuming masses of space. Whether you are looking for somewhere to shelter or meet or simply to relax, cloud quilt has a magnetic appeal. The cloud upholstery range consists of various chair and sofa sizes available with high or low back.

  • NaughtOne - Always Lounge Chairs

    NaughtOne – Always Lounge Chairs

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  • Leaf Lounge

    Leaf Lounge

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    Inspired by the shape behind its name, Leaf lounge exists beautifully alone or as an ensemble to provide elegant functionality and pave the way for creating exceptional arrangements of organic proportions. The leaf-like design allows for comfortable, flexible, any-direction seating, while the chair back intentionally doubles as an armrest, ensuring further relaxation. Endlessly versatile and highly prolific, Leaf simply blossoms with possibilities.

  • Turnstone Lounge Chair, Black

    Turnstone Lounge Chair, Black

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    Turnstone Task Chair in Black Leather. Perfect for the Lounge or Lobby Area