Knoll, Sit to Stand Workstations with Beltline Power and Data

Knoll, Sit to Stand Workstations with Beltline Power and Data

Knoll, Sit to Stand Workstations include:

*Beltline Power and Data

*White laminate surface 6’0″X30″ & 5’0″X30″

*HAT, height adjustable base- Silver

*Dual Overhead Storage Unit (Optional)

* Frosted Glass (Optional)


* Knoll Mobil Pedestal with cushion

Service Wall with Freestanding Furniture

With power and data centralized, freestanding tables and storage position anywhere along the Service Wall to create flexible workspaces. Simple, functional screens define workstations.


ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT. Service Wall delivers convenient access to power and data anywhere, including lounge areas and corridors. Power outlets can be positioned above or below worksurface height and can be easily moved as needs change. Extensive cable distribution with removable covers makes upgrades and expansions quick and affordable.


SPINE-BASED PLANNING FLEXIBILITY. Reconfigure workstations, add storage and privacy elements and expand power and data capacity with ease. Service Wall creates a central spine around which freestanding or wall-mounted components can be planned and re-planned. An ideal solution for delivering power and data to height-adjustable tables, mobile tables and Activity Spaces.


UNIVERSAL INTEGRATION. Service Wall integrates with all Knoll products, including systems, height-adjustable tables and freestanding storage elements. A wide range of cover and component options accommodates a range of budgets and styles. Service Wall also integrates with non-Knoll products to improve technology management and increase planning flexibility.

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