Project Title

Project Details

Company Name: Bank of America

Location: San Francisco, CA.

Space Type: Education, Training, Design.

The Challenge

Decommission Bank of America’s Countrywide Mortgage and Merrill Lynch offices after acquisition and assess, redeploy and reuse office furniture and workstations.

Bank of America serves one in two U.S. households, virtually the entire U.S. Fortune 1000, and clients around the world. Their administration and support groups are always in flux and the current business climate has resulted in many office consolidations. Solutions’ 10+ years Project and Move Management relationship with Bank of American has given the bank confidence to call upon Solution to:

  • Move numerous administrative and support locations to new consolidated locations.
  • Layout the project and design plan to best utilize space at new locations.
  • Decommission and redeploy office furniture assets with a minimum of Bank of America employee productivity loss.

The Solution

Utilize Solutions’ Project, Move Management, Design, and Installation teams to seamlessly consolidate offices of newly acquired Bank of America companies.

Solutions were implemented that solidify Solution as one of the leading office furniture services companies in the industry.

  • Office furniture was inventoried down to the part level for all decommissioned offices.
  • New space planning requirements were analyzed.
  • New detailed consolidated office design plans were created.
  • Current office furniture at decommissioned locations was added, subtracted, or recycled.
  • Installations were completed in very short time frames with little employee disruption.