Redesigning Your Reception Area

If you’re a company that’s in an industry that usually accommodates visits from potential and existing clients, then the waiting or reception room is something you should really take seriously.
Let’s admit it, nobody likes waiting; more importantly, nobody likes waiting in a reception room that’s dull, boring, and unimaginative. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but the impression your reception area gives off could either make or break your guests’ experience. Comfort and creativity are key to a successful waiting room so to help you out, we’ve put together a few tips on how you can make it a great reflection of your brand:

1. Make your reception desk the focal point.

With the reception desk being the first thing your guests see when they enter the room, it only makes sense that you give some well-deserved attention to it.
When choosing a reception desk, make sure to take in consideration the size of the space available. You don’t want to go for the traditional large desk if you’re only working with a small room because it will look too crowded and unorganized. If your receptionist is also assigned to receive packages and other deliveries, make sure the desk has enough storage so visitors won’t be greeted by a reception desk that’s full of papers, boxes, or plastic bags.

2. Know how your guests will move.

It’s important to pay attention on where your guests will make their entrance and exit so they won’t feel lost of confused during their appointment. If possible, make sure your reception room has two doors so even if you’re expecting to accommodate more than one, the foot traffic will have one seamless flow and direction. Also, make sure to inform your guests on where the restrooms and fire exits are.

3. Choose the right furniture.

To make a waiting room a place your guests won’t mind staying in, furniture should be both aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable. Unfortunately, it can’t be one without the other. Picture this- if your lounge chair or sofa is dingy, no matter how comfortable it might be, nobody would feel enticed to seat on it. On the other hand, if your chair is extremely stylish and sophisticated-looking but not comfortable at all, guests would immediately want to leave after just a few minutes.

4. Keep it interesting.

The world of corporate interior design has gone through a major change with more and more companies starting to be more creative. Gone are the days of just plain, old white walls and the classic stack of reading materials. Now, you can have fun decorating the reception area with tasteful art pieces, fresh desk and floor plants, or unqie and relaxing water features. We’re still voting yes to having reading materials but why not include a few drawing materials, too? Oh, and make sure to have wi-fi ready for guest use.

5. Have fun with colors.

We’ve done a few articles highlighting the power of color psychology in every room inside the office so we’re reiterating it now- specific colors affect your guests’ emotions. Either go for calm blues and greens to convey the message of security and honesty or choose colors that match your branding palette. Just go easy on bright or loud colors like reds, oranges, and yellows as they are known to cause anxiety and aggression to some.
Ready to redesign your reception area? We’d be happy to help! Give us a call and we can throw a few ideas around to transform your your reception area into a room any company guest would love to wait in!