Office Furniture Liquidation and Decommission Services

Got unused and unwanted office furniture you want to get rid of? Whether you are moving out to a new location or reconfiguring your office space, let our team handle the liquidation of office furniture you don’t need or have no use for. Our team professionally handles the removal and recycling of unused, unwanted or surplus furniture in your office so you don’t have to. We also provide you with the best returns for your liquidated items.

Our company, Solutions Office Interiors, provides small-scale to large-scale office furniture liquidation and decommission services for your space. We will work with you throughout the whole process from initial consultation, discussion of liquidation options, appraisal, potential sale to the actual services to support the liquidation.

No time to clean out your office? Let our team handle the decommission of your space for you. We restore your office to “broom clean” condition — cleared out of items and cleaned from any dirt, waste, or clutter.

We recycle and resell furniture that can still be of use, instead of it going to the dump. We’ve saved over 10,000 cubicles and chairs from the landfill and continue doing our part to safeguard our environment every day.

That’s why partnering with us for your office furniture liquidation services is the best decision you can make. Call us at (408) 295-0101 for a free appraisal and consultation today!

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