Office Furniture Storage Solutions

With a 60,000 sq. ft. racked and organized warehouse and 15 Storage Trailers, our company can handle short-term to long-term office furniture storage. We photograph and inventory all of your items, and their reuse condition, so you know exactly what is in your storage at all times. Inventory counts are provided to you regularly so you can track what’s coming and going each month. We can also provide a web based, real time inventory system for all of our storage clients.

Asset Management

The Solutions’ Asset Management Team incorporates an in-house inventory system to track furniture, equipment, and a wide range of items. Our customers get to enjoy the following benefits: access to all inventory assets for accounting, facility management planning, reconfiguration, and long-term office furniture storage. Backed by our 60, 000 sq. ft. warehouse, Solutions can cost-effectively handle any office storage solution you need.

Our Inventory Control Process creates monthly reports on product movement, and equipped with Churn Ratio Tracking to forecast minimum/maximum needs. We also have dedicated shipping racks specifically designated for client products. Any pre-owned product is assessed, photographed and entered into our database. We also provide ongoing and regular access to all stored products. We also provide website presence for sale of consigned inventories, as well as a dedicated website portal for “real-time” access to client products.


Here’s how our process works – our team packs your furniture from your office location, then transports it to our warehouse. It is unloaded, inspected, photographed and palletized as we prepare it for holding.  Our warehouse is alarmed and monitored 24/7 with cameras to ensure your inventory is securely stored at all times. Combined with the competitive rates for our furniture storage services, our services are second to none!

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