Simple Ways to Spruce up Your Office Space for the Summer

summer office space

With summer here once again, many business owners and managers are ready to spruce up their office spaces and make them more seasonal. The idea of summer often makes people think of bright light and vibrant colors, a sense of freedom and wide-open spaces and welcoming warmth. A lot of offices lack these elements. They feel bland, glaringly bright, or depressingly dark, and cramped because of their décor, floor layout, and size. If your office needs a summer update, you can take it into a completely different direction that energizes and motivates everyone within it by making a few simple changes.

You don’t have to invest in a total renovation to spruce up your office. You merely need to bring together the right combination of decorative and functional elements to fit your needs:

Add Colorful Touches

Shades of white and cream paints on walls, floors, and ceilings with subtle earth tone accents often work best as a foundation canvas for an office during the summer. From there, the addition of high-energy, vibrant splashes of color can make everyone feel like the office has truly become part of the season. For example, you might turn a small wall into an accent piece by painting it a summer shade of red, turquoise or yellow or hang colorful abstract or summer landscape paintings or prints on blank walls.

Block Glaring Light

Although you always want to bring as much natural light as possible into an office space to reduce the negative effects of artificial light on people’s mood, hot, overly bright and glaring light can increase cooling bills and make it difficult for everyone to see while working. Simple semi-sheer curtains or solar sliding screens can block the heat and glare while also giving everyone a clear view of outdoor spaces. These solutions are especially important if your office offers a refreshing, relaxing view of a park or other natural landscape.

Create Quiet Spots

The performance of modern workers usually improves when they’re allowed to drift throughout the day between their desks and quiet zones where they can either relax for a few minutes during a break or continue to work without noise from conversations, ringing telephones, and office equipment. To make this area seasonally appropriate, invest in lounge furniture upholstered in seasonal colors or patterns or neutral shades accented with colorful cushions or throw pillows.

Install Green Elements

Did you know that a greener office environment both improves people’s moods and reduces the air pollutants that can cause sick building syndrome? Summertime is when plants are on full display to the world, which means that you can make your office more seasonal by simply placing potted greenery on desks and between pieces of lounge furniture. You might also install plants on an entire wall to create a living accent wall or partially cover a wall that also features a bold painting or print.

Open Floor Plans

Lastly, you can recreate the expansive feel of summer by opening up the office floor plan in various ways. For example, you might tear down high-wall cubicles and invest in low-wall or clear cubicle solutions. You can also make the office feel more open by removing unused furniture, filing cabinets, and other items that take up unnecessary floor space. For storage, open, floor-to-ceiling shelving units along a single wall and floating shelves can make a space feel airier.

A lot of solutions exist to make your office a more attractive space during the summer season. As with any interior design plan, you should always start with a theme or central idea for the entire office and then add decorative and functional elements based around it. Keep in mind that you don’t need to attempt to come up with and bring together ideas on your own. At Solutions Office Interiors, our knowledgeable team members can help you create a design and space plan that brings to life your ideas. Our team has assisted some of the biggest companies in the world with sprucing up and improving their offices.

We do more than make verbal recommendations. We provide everything needed to help you visualize and implement a design and space plan. We provide you with fabric swatches, sketches, photos, mood boards, and even 3D renderings. We also offer a variety of budget-friendly furniture solutions, including preowned and refurbished pieces, to help make your project more affordable.

We invite you to reach out today via one of our convenient contact methods for additional details.