Small office design ideas

Start-ups are the constant fuel of the economy and it’s where all large corporations begin their entrepreneurial journey. Yes, at first, you and your team might have to cram yourselves and your office furniture and equipment in one tiny space but if you know how to maximize every square meter, then a small office can be as innovative and modern-looking as big office designs. To make the most of what little workspace you have, here are some small office design ideas to help you out:

1. Make bold design choices.

A lot of people tend to make safe office design choices when confronted with a small workspace– it doesn’t have to be that way. You can also go for bolder designs just like large spaces, just make sure to choose a few key pieces and that you place them far enough from each other. Too much and too close can make your office look less like a workspace and more of a small quirky trinket shop. Instead of opting for a normal-looking desk, why not choose a small but ornately carved desk for a change? If you know how to look, you could get great finds from used office furniture stores.

2. Let your walls do the talking.

Who says you can only go for boring, neutral colors for your office walls? No one! Small spaces can make a big impact if you play with colors the right way. We’re not saying you paint ALL the walls a striking color; we’re talking about a side or two. Paint one wall a bold hue or choose a graphic wallpaper and cover it up, doing so could encourage a sense of focus and centrality to the room. If you do not have the liberty to change the wall paint, then go crazy by hanging up a favorite photo or a mood board.

3. Less is still more.

The key to a great office design for small spaces is minimalism. We suggest going easy on prints and as much as possible, stay loyal to solid, block colors. If you really want prints, choose subtler ones so the office won’t look like too much is happening in such a tiny space. Going for lighter colors will also do wonders since they appear larger to the eye. For instance, if your office has a small lounge or receiving area for guests, choose a white or cream-colored couch than a traditional black one.

4. Maximize all the space you have.

One main problem of small offices is storage. Look, it doesn’t have to be an issue if you know how to utilize the space you have. For instance, look up! Vertical storage such as high shelves and overhead cabinets will save your office. You could also use the backs of the doors as well as corners and crooks for peg, clip, and whiteboards- this way every space is functional.

5. Go big on purging.

The secret to an effective small office design is keeping only what is necessary. Let go of anything that you have no use for anymore. Stick with equipment you regularly use, and decor that really brings out the best in you and your team. Make it a company rule that every 3 months, everybody should go over every item in their personal workspaces and get rid of at least three items they haven’t used for the past 3 months.
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