The crazy amazing offices of Google

When it comes to amazing, modern, and quirky offices, one company comes to mind- Google. The tech giant is known not only for planting itself as our browser’s home pages but also for revolutionizing the corporate office space planning. With over 70 offices in more than 40 countries in the world, Google quarters have one thing in common- they all have personality. Of course, the ‘character’ of the office differs per location but all share the same ambience- fun and free. As said on their website “no two Google offices are the same, visitors to any office can expect to find a few common features: murals and decorations expressing local personality; Googlers sharing cubes, yurts and ‘huddles’, video games, pool tables and pianos; cafes and ‘microkitchens’ stocked with healthy food; and good old fashioned whiteboards for spur-of-the-moment brainstorming.”
So if you are planning to redecorate your office into a space that inspires creativity, you can take a few crazy leaves from Google’s books:

The New York Office:

google new yorkGoogle’s New York office is a 2.9 million-square-foot building that occupies the entire city block. You may think it would have been difiicult to stay inventive with such a large space but no, not Google. Their Chelsea-based headquarters stay true to the Big Apple feel by decorating its hallways with subway grates and fire hydrants as well as conference room doors designed with graffiti and meat-hook chandeliers as homage to the Meatpacking District near their office. Conference rooms have their own identities, too, with one looking like a tiny New York apartment complete with the family photos on the wall. And the library? Well, one can say it’s out of this world with the Star Wars characters decorating it. And if you are wondering how in the world employees go around in this massive office, we have one word for you- scooters. Have we mentioned their office welcomes dogs, too? If that’s not enough to make you want to go to work, we don’t know what will.

The Amsterdam Office:

google amsterdamWe mentioned on the first paragraph that Google gives a new spin to office space planning by making sure their offices express a certain locality to it. Amsterdam is a great example of that. Google had a local studio design their Amsterdam headquarters so you can expect it to stay truly Dutch. Stroopwafels, or the Dutch gooey waffle-cookie, are the inspiration behind the design of the ceiling; meeting rooms are made to look like 1960s caravans that feels amazingly authentic with its lawn chairs and fake grills.

The Ireland Office:

Corporations going green are all the rage these days. If you think you’ve done enough with a few office and desk plants here and there, you’d feel intimidate with everything that’s going on inside Google’s Amsterdam office. Workspaces are decorated like indubitable jungles with plants tastefully placed all over and carpet’s done to look like grass. Their Google campus, on theo other hand, it inspired by Dr. Seuss- office or playground? How about both?

The California Office:

Ah, there’s no other place like home, and for Google, that’s their original headquarters in Mountain View, California. Known as Googleplex, this amazing sun-drenched Google campus boasts of its bowling alley, climbing wall, and beach volleyball. The Googleplex was made to feel like the best times of your college life complete with weekly TGIF celebrations. Much like the New York office, Googlers can go around with office-provided scooters and bikes.