The Open Office: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Office space planning, in the recent years, have continuously shed light to the concept of what is commonly called “Open Office.” This type of office space planning involves removing cubicles along with the evils it comes with such as the feeling of being trapped.
In fact, most of the global industry giants like Google and Facebook are working not just in an open office but an open office with a dedicated play room.
Of course, employees who are working in an office with cubicles would love to experience a change of setting a go for the open office plan. But much like everything else in the world, going for Open Office arrangement come with both advantages and disadvantages. So before you decide to propose to your executives the idea of going for Open Office, take a leaf from our book and find out the pros and cons of it first.


1. It’s cheaper.
This is pretty obvious. An open office comes with cheaper overhead costs than having to purchase office cubicles and partitions.
2. It promotes faster communication.
With fewer barriers in the office, the flow of information and directives become faster so employees can better use their time to do other important tasks.
3. It encourages team work.
Team work is much harder to accomplish when there are partitions that are on the way. In addition to that, this kind of set up lessens the hierarchic nature that is common and inevitable in companies.


1. It can hurt productivity.
Cubicles were made to help employees focus better by minimizing distraction. Without it, your staff will be vulnerable to noise and interruption.
2. It can induce stress and anxiety.
With less partitions in the office, privacy can be a real issue. The feeling that other people are able to constantly see what you are doing can make you anxious.
3. It can be unhealthy.
In an office with no cubicles, one coughing co-worker can easily turn into a room filled with sick employees after a week or so.

If you still don’t know whether to go for an open office or not, it’s better to consult office space planning experts like us to make sure you are able to make your work environment the best possible environment for your employees. Click here, call us at (408) 295-0101 or email us at and one of our team members will be happy to assist you. Equip your office with our furniture today!